10 Best Yoga Poses For Acid Refluxes

Acid reflux is a pathetic condition that causes indigestion, nauseated feeling, and frequent vomiting. Doctors consider it to be a normal phenomena. So, the best way to get rid of this acid reflux is doing yoga. The asanaas and poses help in saving oneself from this pathetic plight. Some Of The Best Yoga Poses For Acid Refluxes The Cat Pose (Bidalasana) This pose has many astonishing health benefits. It helps in the improvement of CNS performance, leada to an increase in flexibility, [...]

7 Yoga Poses To Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS can cause numerous allied health complications. Some of the common symptoms of this digestive disorder are bloating, constipation and abdominal pain. A natural and long term way to counter the negative effects of this particular condition is to practice specific yoga postures. Yoga helps to strengthen the abdominal organs while releasing pent up stress and tension. Downward Facing Dog Pose, Mountain Pose and Happy Baby Pose are some exceptional yoga poses which help to [...]

10 Yoga Poses To Treat Herniated Disc

The numbers of health issues are rising at a high rate due to various types of reasons. It has thus become very important to take respective steps in order to cure the problem without fail. The problem of herniated disc has become one of the common types of problem with people of various age groups. It is therefore very important to take care of the health and eradicate this particular problem. The spine present at the back position starts [...]

6 Yoga Poses To Treat Nausea

People these days are showing more concern towards health issues that are both major as well as minor. Nausea is a type of health condition that does not allow the person to carry out all necessary kinds of activities. It is actually a type of symptom that is mainly experienced by people during occurrence of flu, pregnant ladies and motion sickness. There are lots of medications available in the market that can help to cure the symptom of nausea [...]

6 Yoga Poses For Pregnant Women

Yoga helps keep your body and mind fit and healthy. It is the natural way for holistic living. Yoga is beneficial not only for normal people, but also for pregnant women. Several postures work wonders to improve conditions during pregnancy and still very safe. Described below are a few postures all pregnant women can try. List Of 6 Yoga Poses For Pregnant Women  Chair Pose Stand straight and keep your feet apart. Make sure your feet are parallel to each other. Breathe [...]

6 Best Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

Does your growing weight make you worried? You may think of special diet plans and different medicinal therapies to shed off the extra fat stored in your body. But do you know yoga can give you healthy ways of getting rid of your excessive weight. Maintaining yoga on a regular basis can help you in maintaining a proper body weight, even without following strict diet rules. Here 6 Yoga Poses Are Given Below Which Prove To Be Effective For Losing [...]

10 Yoga Poses That Help Cancer Patients

Cancer affects in innumerable ways like liver cancer, breast cancer, mouth cancer etc. that has the potential to even take the life of a person. There has been a constant conflict between the illness and treatment. Yoga can help cancer patients by providing endurance, emotional stability and physical strength. Yoga has been an ancient practice that works on maintaining a fine balance and harmony within entire body and promotes health. Its effective series of stretching exercises, asana, meditation and [...]