7 Tips To Prevent Heart Disease And Stroke

Have you ever thought about the wellness of your heart after getting up? I believe no. Because that is something we all tend to ignore and we think what will happen to our heart. I am healthy so is my heart. Like who cares. But in the midst of something like this you are making a blunder without even realizing the after effects. Yes. You work out and do regular exercises, which is sufficient for your heart to be [...]

7 Early Warning Signs Of Heart Attack And Stroke

Heart attack or heart stroke is termed as Myocardial Infarction or Acute Myocardial infarction in medical terms. The attack occurs when the flow of blood to heart stops and the result is damage to the heart muscle or cardiac muscles. Causes of heart attack include smoking, high blood-pressure, no daily schedule of exercise, malnutrition or low nutritive value diet and high intake of alcohol. Heart attack has certain warning signs or symptoms that may give a warning that it [...]

How To Prevent A Stroke

Heart diseases especially stroke in most of the cases proves fatal and is undoubtedly a serious threat to the health and to the life. The sad part is that with increasing changing internal and external factors, there are common instances where one reports of strokes. The only effective thing that is under your control is to look for preventive measures that can keep the strokes at bay. This will ensure that you live a smooth and hassle free life without [...]

Various Treatments Of Stroke

Stroke or a “brain attack” is a serious medical condition that occurs suddenly when the brain cells stop functioning due to lack of oxygen. And that happens, when the functioning of an artery gets disrupted due to a blood clot or when a blood vessel suddenly ruptures, interrupting blood flow to an area of the brain. This leads to a condition wherein the brain is unable to perform all those functions that were earlier under its control. Those functions [...]