5 Most Effective Ways To Reduce Stress

Stress is a feeling of nervousness and depression which becomes worse with occurrence of mishaps and unwanted activities. Apart from nervousness, too much load of work is also a major cause of stress that usually targets the mindset of an individual.  In fact, the person who is having stress and depression in his or her mind generally find it difficult to get rid of it. However, you can control it by making some special changes in your lifestyle. Following Are [...]

10 Foods That Help Against Stress

Anything which causes physical discomfort, mental worry and makes you anxious, tense , helpless or depressed can be termed as stress. Our modern lifestyle is one big reason for continuous stress. However, the option whether to undergo stress or lead life, in a healthy and happy way, is always upto us. Though surprising, there are some foods, which help you beat stress. They re energise you and make you ready to take on life's challenges. Here Are Foods That Help [...]

The A To Z Of Stress Types Symptoms Causes And Effects

Stress is something which affects every one of us in some way. It can also have some really serious consequences. Thus it is important to the A to Zs of stress. Let us have a look on the types of stress. Here Are Stress Types Symptoms Causes And Effects Acute Incidence Of Stress Acute stress is something every one of us has faced at some or other point in life. The occurrence of stress is reason based; once the time passes and [...]

5 Effective Ways To Treat Stress

Stress is caused due to sudden physical, emotional, mental and social changes. Though our body has the capacity to handle a little stress from time to time, but too much stress can lead to various mental disorders and should be treated immediately. Due to a competitive and fast lifestyle, more and more people are found to be suffering from stress. It is thus very important to control and treat stress before it becomes too serious. Few common symptoms of stress [...]

5 Tips To Prevent Stress

Stress is one of the common and prevalent phenomenons in today’s world because of increasing competition and also the desire to go ahead in the race. It is a known fact that stress dominates the life of most people nowadays starting from children to young adults and even old people. The fact that stress brings along a lot of health problems and ailments cannot be denied. This solely means that it is quite significant to look into ways in [...]

Top Herbal Remedies For Anxiety And Stress

The world today hardly gives us an opportunity to escape stressful situations or feelings of anxiety. We are all bound by our duties and responsibilities which could sometimes become overwhelming for both the mind and body. We feel stressed when we try to handle too many things at the same time, like work pressure, relationship issues, problems with kids or parents, financial matters etc. Anxiety on the contrary is a state of mind which signals an impending doom; it [...]

How to Get Rid Of Stress

In our day to day busy life we forget how to keep our mood healthy and respond to stress. There are many reasons in this fast growing world which leads us to unhealthy mood and stressful life.  Work related issues, relationship problems, deadlines, appointments, kids, errands, it could be anything. (more…)

6 Best Stress Treatments

Stress is a condition in which the patient feels excess mental as well as emotional pressure. Inability to cope with the pressure causes the stress. The same situation may motivate a person and be a source of stress to another person. Demanding situations in life that cause stress are work and relationships. You may have stress due to money problems. If you have stress, you may not be able to deal with the demands of life in the right [...]

9 Causes Of Stress

Many people have stress when giving an interview, running race and taking a test. These normal types of stress last for a short time. Some people have stress due to situation and events lasting for long time. Examples of such long-term stress are work problems and family conflicts. You can have severe health problems if the stress becomes chronic. (more…)