10 Natural Cure For Stomachache

Stomach ache is a common health related complication that can target anyone including man, woman or children. Stomach ache mostly occurs due to bad eating habit and following of improper diet plan. Stomach pain varied from mild to severe depending on the type of metabolic activities of its sufferer. Stomach ache can be cured easily using home remedies without causing any side effect to the body. Following are the home remedies for stomach pain which are completely safe to [...]

5 Best Home Remedies For Stomach Flu

Stomach flu is a condition which is associated with symptoms like stomach ache, diarrhea, stomach cramps, loose bowel consistency, nausea and vomiting. Since there are no specific medications for the treatment of stomach flu, one can use some of these below mentioned home remedies to get relief from the symptoms without the harmful side effects of medications like antibiotics. Best Home Remedies For Stomach Flu 1. Yogurt Yoghurt is a natural probiotic which influences the growth of good bacteria in the gut. [...]

9 Causes & Symptoms Of Stomach Flu

People are always complaining about the¬¬ problem of stomach flu. What they call stomach flu is actually known as gastroenteritis in medical terms. The term gastroenteritis is commonly used to describe the conditions of vomiting, nausea or diarrhoea. The stomach flu is a common problem and can spread easily from an infected person to a healthy individual. Microorganisms being the primary cause make this disease contagious. Given to this reason, you should be well aware of the causes and symptoms of stomach [...]