6 Useful Home Remedies For Sore Throat

A sore throat may sound like a simple thing but the pain that one endures is unbearable. We might not realize the occurrence of sore throat until the throat aches when we swallow lots of saliva. Some of the causes of sore throat are bacterial infection, dryness and swelling due to inflamed skin. It is better to try some homemade remedies instead of approaching the doctor for such a simple thing since you will be given nothing but tablets [...]

13 Natural Remedies For Sore Throat And Pain

The medical condition of sore throat is also called as throat pain and involves irritation or pain in the throat. There are many causes to which sore throat can be attributed. These include inflammation in the underlying throat areas called pharyngitis and are mostly caused by viral attack, straining in vocal cords, sign of oncoming cold, or something more serious in nature for example strep throat and tumor. Sore throat may also result because of some kind of trauma, [...]

6 Home Remedies For Sore Throat

A sudden pain while swallowing is the first symptom of a sore throat. As the pain increases, It becomes difficult to swallow food or liquids. Sore throat is, often, the result of a viral infection. It can also be caused by bacterial infection, inflammation of the larynx, tonsillitis, colds and cough. Some simple but effective home remedies for Sore Throat are Ginger Tea Take a piece of ginger and remove the peels. Crush the ginger and boil it along with tea leaves. [...]

6 Natural Treatments For Sore Throat

With changing weathers, there are a lot of health conditions that your body becomes prone to. Apart from allergies, there are a lot of people who face the problems of sore throat.This can also happen in a lot of other situations and is a discomforting crisis that affects the daily lifestyles. Herein, soreness in the throat is often accompanied with pains and blockages along with cough. Once you are aware of the problem, the next best thing to do is [...]

Remedies For Sore Throat

5 Herbal Remedies For Sore Throat

Sore throats can range from mild to severe, and depending on the degree of severity you may be feeling a mild itch or a scratchy soreness. You may have a burning sensation, a swollen gland and hoarseness of the voice coupled with fever, pain, earache and runny nose. The most annoying thing about sore throat is that it occurs suddenly without any warning. Sore throat can precipitate due to cold or viral infection. It can also be due to [...]

Effective Ways To Treat A Sore Throat

Sore throat can be minor ailment but it is very annoying and causes a lot of discomfort. The throat becomes tender, swollen, and you dread to swallow due to the immense pain in the throat. In most of the cases a bad cough and cold, flu, influenza, viral fevers are the ailments which are accompanied by severe sore throat. Sometimes smoking, acid reflux, allergies and pollution can also cause acute sore throat.Though you can take antibiotics to treat sore throat [...]

11 Treatments For Sore Throat

Do you have a sore throat that burns and feel scratchy? Most sore throats are the result of an infection caused by viruses related to colds. But, your sore throat could also be due to strained vocal chords, dry heat, postnasal drips, allergies, or due to excessive smoking. Your throat burns and pains. It becomes hard to talk or swallow food. Most of the treatments for sore throat and colds from viruses and bacteria are aimed at giving relief [...]