20 Foods You Should Eat To Improve Your Sleep

A good night’s sleep helps the body relax and recover from the day’s work. Inability to sleep well for a day or two may be due to stress or a lifestyle decision but if you’re not able sleep well day after day it definitely is a health problem screaming for some serious attention! What you eat has a big impact on your sleep. Certain foods can create alertness and prevent sleep while there are also foods that do just [...]

6 Top Sleep Disorders

We spend almost one third of our life sleeping. We might be able to survive for almost 2 months without food but we will not last for more than 11 days without sleep. Sleeping is essential to form memories and for proper functioning of a person. There are sleep disorders which can affect your sleeping pattern leaving your strained and unproductive. These are known as parasomnia describing all kinds of problems that occurs while a person is asleep. Here [...]