6 Simple Remedies For Dry Skin Acne

Although acne is usually associated with oily skin, your skin may even breakout when it is dry. Conventional acne remedies work by reducing sebum secretion. However, remedies suitable for oily skin are unsuitable for the dry skin. They aggravate skin dryness. If you are troubled by acne although your skin is dry, you need a remedy that apart from addressing the underlying cause of the breakout keeps the skin hydrated. Usually, the structure of the pore follicles is responsible [...]

7 Tips For Treating Exposed Skin

Your skin goes through stress, environmental pollution and exposure to harmful sun rays on a daily basis which gives rise to innumerable skin issues. Some of these issues are blemish, acne, spots, scars etc. One needs to follow skin care tips and treatments that helps in healing the skin and makes it free from all types of problems. In this article we will look at seven tips and treatment for exposed skin. Use Of Cream With Antibacterial Properties A useful skin [...]

5 Amazing Homemade Egg White Masks to Tighten Pores

Beauty therapists recommend applying egg white to the skin to shrink the enlarged pores. The pore reducing property of egg white is primarily attributed to its ability to clean the pores and remove the deep seated dirt. When the pores are clogged by dirt and dead cell they become stretched. By unclogging the pores, egg white masks help in reducing the enlarged pores. Moreover, egg white masks are used for removing blackheads and whiteheads and for tightening the skin. The [...]

Proper Way Of Washing Face

In the hustle and bustle of life, we are too busy to take proper care of ourselves. As a result of which we forget to follow some simple but necessary regimes. In addition to our tendency to forget, we sometimes are too lazy to follow them. Face washing is one such process which people generally tend to avoid out of different reasons. It is very important to understand that as we get stressed throughout the day, our face also [...]

Top 12 Essential Foods That Nourish Your Skin

One cannot deny the fact that everybody wants a healthy looking skin. However, are you aware that what you consume in your regular diet might actually be more significant compared to what you put on the skin? Irrespective of the amount of money that you expend on beauty lotions and creams, your skin will never look at its best if you do not nourish it with the nutrients it requires from your daily diet. In this article, we will [...]

Using Olive Oil And Honey For Beautiful Skin

We all crave for flawless skin. However, to get the perfect clear and radiant skin you must take proper care of your skin. Pampering the skin with the natural skin care masks prepared with ingredients that help in correcting the underlying skin problems can easily restore the natural youthful glow of your skin. Olive oil and honey are two most popular skin-friendly ingredients found in face and body care masks. By making the right use of these ingredients you can [...]

15 Quick And Daily Tips To Avoid Acne

Whether you have an acne prone skin or get acne breakouts occasionally,  it is important to follow certain healthy habits and routines for your skin to keep it healthy and acne free. Before you start following any of these regimen or home remedies blindly, it is always good to know the reason and facts behind them. You will be amazed to see how by following these simple everyday tips you can easily bring in a positive change in the [...]