5 Benefits Of Sesame Seeds For Anaemia

Anaemia is known as the condition of the body where the red blood cells or your haemoglobin count goes down drastically. It is a chronic disease that is often not treated by medications. But it has been seen that in a lot of instances, sesame seeds have benefited the patients suffering from the same largely. Here Are 5 Benefits Of  Sesame Seeds For Anaemia Rich In Folic Acid One of the biggest benefits of sesame seeds is that it is known [...]

4 Simple Ways To Use Sesame Seeds For Knee Osteoarthritis

Nowadays, joint pain is a very common disease and people are often suffering from knee osteoarthritis issue – a medical condition where degenerative joint disease affects the knee that has an impact on natural movement. In a medical term, osteoarthritis is a joint disease that is responsible for breaking down of bone cartilage and underlying bones. Though the knee transplant or different surgeries are there to treat the issue, but people often prefer natural remedies to heal knee osteoarthritis. [...]