5 Effective Hydrating Masks For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is prone to early damage and thus requires an extra attention and care. People with sensitive skin generally face a lot of skin related problems. Hence, it is necessary to use only suitable ingredients on such skin to avoid occurrence of any skin woe. Thankfully, there are some natural skin care products easily available in our kitchen. When used as a mask, these products provide proper hydration and nourishment to the sensitive skin. Read on to know [...]

6 Natural Remedies To Relieve Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin may sound like a minor problem but in fact it is a serious issue. It is an intolerable state where you are prone to skin allergies, sunburns, dryness, itching, prickling, redness and irritations. Some of the reasons behind this are the usage of strong inappropriate products, cosmetics and make-up items. The excessive chemicals may harm and hurt our skin. Do not scratch in such conditions as it can aggravate your condition. There are many lotions available for [...]