5 Easy Ways To Manage Stress And Prevent Asthma

If you are susceptible to asthma attacks, you already know that your asthma symptoms worsen when you are under stress. Stress stimulates the body’s inflammatory response that increases inflammation of airways, leading to asthma attack. However, stress by itself cannot trigger asthma attack. It only exacerbates the symptoms of asthma when you are exposed to allergens, viruses and irritants. To reduce the severity of the asthma attack and prevent recurrent attacks, you can cope with stress in the following [...]

Prevent Asthma

5 Ways To Prevent Asthma

It is very difficult to prevent asthma. However, you can prevent asthma symptoms. Patients who are suffering from asthma should get more information about the disease and methods of controlling it. Make a written plan for controlling asthma. Take asthma medicines according to the doctor’s prescription. Identify the things and situations that worsen the symptoms and avoid these things. Do exercises and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Ask a doctor to prescribe medicines that increase the activeness. Record the symptoms and [...]