5 Ways To Beat Those Myomas At Home

Female reproductive system is an intricate network of the reproductive organs and the hormones that regulate their function throughout the lifetime. There are many conditions that develop in the uterus of a female in response to a hormonal imbalance or any metabolic factor. Estrogen is the primary hormone in females which is responsible for the growth and formation of myomas. One such condition prevailing among fertile females is myomas. Myomas commonly affect females in their reproductive or perimenopausal phase. These are non-spreading tumorous [...]

10 Natural Treatment For Infant Eczema

Infant or baby eczema can seem little disturbing when your baby's body shows up red, crusty patches during the first few days. It appears in 10%-15% of children .Though it is a very common disease but also treatable. Well if talk about treatments there are many but in this article we will only discuss about the various natural remedies to cure infant eczema. The symptoms of baby eczema show up with red patches on the skin which are dry, [...]

Top 8 Natural Treatment For Elbow Pain

Sometimes we feel acute pain in our elbows that unable us to do any work. such pains are due to inflammation in the tendons which joins the bones of elbow. These elbow pains commonly occurs due to overuse of injuries and cause pain and stiffness in elbow region. The elbow pain can be of various causes like tendinitis, golfers elbow, etc. Despite of name these all have same physical activities for occurrence like,rowing ,striking, swimming, Racquet tennis ,weight lifting [...]