7 Natural Ways To Deal With Chronic Fatigue

We all have that day once in a while when the energy levels drop below normal levels. It may well be a chance event due to a hectic day at work or a missed meal or two. It is seldom associated with a serious underlying pathology and is most often corrected with certain dietary and lifestyle changes. An occasional dip in the enthusiasm is understood. But, when the physical and mental exertion is getting the better of you, it is [...]

8 Natural Remedies To Treat Leaky Gut

Leaky guts syndrome is a very complex medical condition in which the lining of intestines gets damaged and harms internal areas of the intestines. Damaging of internal intestine allows the toxins and bacteria’s to flow through intestines as nutrients and biological substances that flows through the intestines stops filtering such substances. Leaky guts may lead to enormous amount of discomfort to its sufferer and can trigger various complex disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and celiac diseases.  If you’re suffering from [...]

18 Natural Remedies For Treating Athlete’s Foot

The disease Athlete’s Foot is caused by a fungi which belong to the genus Tricophyton. These include T.Rubrum, T.Tonsurans and T. Mentagrophytes. T.Tonsurans mostly affects children. The disease is also known by other names such as Tinea Pedis, Moccasin Foot and Ringworm of the Foot.The person infected by the above fungi suffers from scaling, itching, blistering and flaking in those skin areas that are affected by the fungi. The disease affects around 15% of the world population. The fungi [...]

7 Natural Ways To Prevent Obesity Naturally

  Obesity appears due to storage of excess fats in your body and it happens when you eat oily and heavy food. If your food consumption is high then it results gain of weight. There is some limit of weight according to age and height of a human. When there is no loss of energy and in another side further accumulation of energy turns to obesity. It is not a serious disease, but continuous of this state can leads to [...]

8 Natural Ways To Relieve Knee Arthritis

Arthritis is a very common disease and has several types, among them osteoarthritis of the knee is the most common. It happens mostly in old age and to people who are obese. In this condition, the cartilage between the bones in the knee joint is thinned due to abrasion and excessive pressure on the joint. This causes inflammation, pain and stiffness of the knees and postures like squatting become nearly impossible for the patient. The basic treatment of it [...]

An Easy And Natural Remedy To Stay Away From Pollen Allergy

People who are prone to Pollen allergy get allergic symptoms when pollen present in the air lands on their eyes, nose, lungs and skin to set up allergic reactions. Pollen from beach trees or particular types of plants, grasses or weeds, can create such a havoc in one's life. So it is important to prepare your body to face the allergic season by increasing the resistance in the body. Natural remedies are always handy and effective compared to the [...]

Effective Natural Remedy For Dry Cough

You have a concert coming up this week but you are not happy! Why, it's your throat which has gone sore and hoarse. The dry cough has worsened your situation with itching. Well, even if you are not a performer, dry and itchy throat accompanied by cold can be frustrating to handle. In such a case you can very well rely on an effective home remedy made of ginger and honey. Ginger, with a host of health benefits is [...]

5 Ways To Get Fairer Skin Naturally

It is everyone’s desire to look good and present them at the best level possible. To begin with, it is the desire of so many people to look fair. People might be naturally good looking but time and again everyone has witnessed that people want to look fairer than they already are. There are treatments that are available for making ones skin fair, but people want to take up natural remedies. People want to use natural substances and home made [...]