8 Best Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers

Mouth Ulcer is a complex health related issue that targets the oral cavity of its victim and produce an adverse effect on eating and speaking ability too. Mouth ulcers caused in oral cavity due to  deficiency of certain vitamins and vital nutrients in the body of its sufferer. Mouth ulcers are sometimes very painful but the quick remedies like rubbing of spot ice over affected area or chewing of clove bud etc. can reduce painful sensation and irritation arouse [...]

7 Beneficial Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers can be very painful and agonizing. Usually, they occur on the insides of the lips, cheeks or under your tongue. These sores can cause severe damage to the cells which leads to inflammation and swelling. Many reasons can be the cause of mouth ulcers like hormonal fluctuations, depression, stress, biting the cheek by accident, lack of vitamins B and C, iron deficiency and many more. Most of the time, mouth ulcers can heal itself within 10 days. [...]

12 Home Remedies For Ulcer In Mouth

There are a lot of people that suffer from the problem of ulcer in mouth. The problem is very painful which leads to the development of sores in mouth that make the day to day activities like eating, drinking etc very difficult. Not only this, these ulcers are very painful and cause a lot of trouble and are also prone to bacterial infection. Generally the ulcers disappear themselves in a span of 8 to 10 days but then the [...]

6 Best Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers are small and shallow lesions on soft tissues of the mouth. They can occur beneath the tongue, on the inside of lips or cheeks, on soft palate, or near the base of the gums. They tend to be small in size and oval shaped, with yellow or white center and red border. They can cause pain, making it difficult to eat or talk. There are several causes for mouth ulcers. They can occur as a result of minor [...]

11 Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers are a common problem and not a cause of concern unless they start hurting too much and refuse to go away. Not being able to talk properly is one of the drawbacks of this condition. Mouth ulcers also make it impossible to eat spicy food because the spices hurt the ultra-sensitive ulcer. (more…)

10 Mouth Ulcers Causes And Symptoms

Mouth ulcers are also known as oral ulcers. They can develop anywhere in the oral cavity of a person. They often appear on the lips, inner linings of the cheeks, gums, palate and tongue. They might even develop along the inner lining of the throat. Most cases of mouth ulcers are extremely painful. This happens even if the ulcers are extremely small. Mouth ulcers usually take a few days to heal up completely. However, if they are open wounds, they [...]