Type I Diabetes Causes And Symptoms

Type I Diabetes Causes And Symptoms

Diabetes mellitus, a group of metabolic diseases, marked by hyperglycemia can either result from the destruction of pancreatic beta cells leading to a total deficiency of insulin secretion as in the case of Type I diabetes or from the development of resistance to the action of insulin as in Type II diabetes or by both. (more…)

16 Bad Breath Causes And Symptoms

Bad breath is also called as halitosis. It is one of the most embarrassing ailments and can cause ostracism and social ridicule. People suffering from bad breath often become social recluses. Young men and women out on their first date have become increasingly conscious about how they smell to their potential mate. People are known to suck on mints and brush their teeth just before an important assignment or meeting with a professional client. In order to understand bad breath [...]

10 Mouth Ulcers Causes And Symptoms

Mouth ulcers are also known as oral ulcers. They can develop anywhere in the oral cavity of a person. They often appear on the lips, inner linings of the cheeks, gums, palate and tongue. They might even develop along the inner lining of the throat. Most cases of mouth ulcers are extremely painful. This happens even if the ulcers are extremely small. Mouth ulcers usually take a few days to heal up completely. However, if they are open wounds, they [...]