5 Tips On How To Get Rid Of A Mole

Moles are harmless brownish black spots. Many of us leave it as a beauty spot while some find it ugly and want to remove it. You need to first evaluate the area of mole and then decide whether you want to remove it or not. A mole is formed when a cluster of skin cells with pigmentation occurs. The color, size and shape of the spots vary from person to person. The colors vary from brown, black, red, pink, [...]

Important Causes of Moles

Millions of people around the world have moles on their body. It is a very common occurrence. Moles are asymptomatic in nature. Most moles are present at birth and do not cause any harm. However, some moles called dysplastic nevi can progress into cancer and need to be removed. Moles occur mostly due to genetic reasons. They can also form as a result of increased pigmentation in skin. It can occur due to clusters of melanocytes formed as a response [...]