11 Migraine Alternative Remedies

Migraine is a kind of neurological disease. A neurological disease is a disorder that affects any part of the nervous system. The characterization of the disease is in the form of severe or moderate intensity headaches. Other autonomic nervous system disorders and symptoms may also occur. The headache that occurs in one part of the brain is symbolic of migraine condition. The headache is pulsating in nature. The pain can last from 2 to even 72 hours at a [...]

5 Amazing Herbal Remedies For Migraine

Migraine is considered to be a chronic neurological disorder where the patient suffers from recurring high-intensity headache. It is not like the occasional headache that goes away with aspirin. When migraine strikes aspirin or other homely remedies would not bring much relief. The pain is acute and mostly accompanied with nausea and vomiting. The peculiarity with migraine is that the headache generally affects only one half of the head, and it is throbbing in nature. The intense headache and associated [...]