5 Simple Steps To Treat Headache Through Meditation

Not many of us are aware of the benefits of meditation in curing headache naturally. However, scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the ancient mind-body technique in providing significant relief from headache. Studies have shown that people who practice meditation daily have the lowest risk of experiencing headache. Furthermore, when you are experiencing a headache, practicing meditation helps in reducing the severity and duration of the headache. Meditation especially provides fast relief from tension or stress headache.Meditation helps [...]

15 Meditations And Asanas To Reduce Weight

Meditation and yogasana are the ideal ways to improve focus and concentration, treat and ward off ailments and promote the overall health and wellbeing. These exercises also help to treat obesity and promote weight loss naturally. 15 Such Wonderful Meditation And Yogasanas To Reduce Weight Suryanamaskar Surya namaskar consists of a group of asanas performed in succession. Different forward and backward bending asanas that help to stretch the spinal column and the body on the whole basically form the crux of suryanamaskar. [...]