10 Expert Fitness Tips To Lose Weight

In order to lead a healthy and a disease-free life it is important to maintain a healthy body weight. Diet and exercise are inextricably linked, and it is believed that each complements the other in maintaining a healthy and disease free body. Many medical studies about fitness extol the fact that diet and nutrition almost contributes 3/4th to a healthy body and the rest is contributed by regular exercise. We will discuss both the aspects. Here Are 10 Expert Fitness [...]

4 Reasons To Drink Oolong Tea To Lose Weight

When it comes to choosing your cup of tea, most of us will opt for either black tea or green tea. There is another tea variety that only a small number of people outside China are aware of. It is the oolong tea. It is processed according to the traditional Chinese method. The tea plants are dried under strong sun and the oxidation of the leaves are stopped before the leaves start curling. Oolong tea is a partially oxidized [...]

5 Simple Ways To Lose Weight With Honey And Warm Water

A large number of people vouch for the effectiveness of consuming honey with warm water as a weight loss remedy. Honey is a nutrient dense food loaded with enzymes that help in improving digestion and colon cleansing. Consuming honey with warm water helps in stimulating metabolic changes that help in satisfying your sugar cravings without prompting you to increase sugar intake. However, the honey and warm water remedy works best when combined with low calorie diet and regular workouts. You [...]

5 Dietary Tips To Lose Weight With Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is an effective dietary plan for eliminating the unwanted fats from the body. It is a low carbohydrate, adequate protein and high fat diet plan. Eating large amount of fats will not increase your body weight. When your body does not get enough carbohydrate, it breaks down fats to release energy. In addition to breaking down the fats you eat, your body will also utilize its existing fat reserve to produce energy. As a result you [...]

6 Tips To Lose Weight Using A Vegan Diet

Lots of vegetarians struggle to lose weight and look for different diet plans that comprise veggie items that can help keep them in shape and prevent weight gain. Several medical studies reveal that following complete vegetarian diet helps you get rid of body fats more quickly and effectively than following non-vegetarian diet. So, you should add appropriate veggie foods to your diet and stay in shape. Let’s have a look at appropriate vegan diet that you need to follow. Find [...]

6 Medications You Must Review To Lose Weight Fast

Among the various causes of unintended weight gain we usually tend to overlook the role of medications in increasing your body weight. However, the exact effects of drugs that are linked to unintended weight gain vary from person to person. While they are believed to be responsible for pushing up the body weight in some individuals, in others, they do not cause weight gain. Nevertheless, if you are obese or overweight and you cannot get rid of your excess [...]

6 Ways Eating Watermelon Helps You To Lose Weight

Watermelon is not only nutritious and delicious. It can also help you in losing weight. One of the major obstacles of losing weight is finding the appropriate foods that help in boosting the body’s weight loss mechanism. It is quite difficult to reduce your calorie intake without feeling hungry. Watermelon is one of those low calorie foods that can easily make you feel full after consuming few calories. To kick start the weight loss process, you can follow the [...]

15 Healthy Foods For Losing Weight Fast

Higher weight gain leads to obesity which is medical condition that occurs when more fat gets accumulated inside the body. Obesity and abnormal weight reduces longevity and also induces diseases of heart and other diseases like diabetes, sleep apnea, certain cancers and diseases of bone like osteoarthritis. Apart from exercise, there are also some food items that can provide you relief from higher weight and obesity. Here Are 15 Different Kinds Of Food Items That Reduce Your Weight In Lesser [...]

5 Top Natural Ways To Lose Weight

The problem of obesity has reached towering heights not only in the developed countries but in the developing countries too. Simultaneously the struggle to lose weight has also increased. Blame it on our lifestyle or our sheer desperation to lose weight that we try out different diet patterns which actually do more harm than good. These highly hyped too-good-to-be-true diets promote large amounts of weight loss in short amount of time. But it’s not long when you gain all your [...]