5 Common Habits That Quietly Damage Your Knees

Knees are an important part of the body because they play an important role in carrying out various movements such as moving around, supporting our body weight, and to perform a lot of physical activities. Even a small injury can change your life because it might even result in immobilization. However, a lot of our daily activities and habits are damaging our knees and we are not even aware of it. Experts say that by avoiding these we can [...]

10 Simple Reflexology Exercise For Knee Pain

In today’s ever active lives, our body takes immense pressure to deal with day in day out activities. Knee being the basement pillar and the biggest ball and socket joint of our body, soaks up maximum amount of it to enable us perform our due duties. With great responsibilities, come great vulnerabilities as well. The biggest sign of wear and tear in the zone is thus exhibited by the very common issue of knee pain, which among others emerges [...]

Home Remedies For Knee Pain

Knee pain can be easily treated by a series of easily available home remedies. Because of the widespread nature of the problem among people, new home remedies are constantly in the process of evolution. There are numerous Ayurvedic procedures in practice which can be easily undertaken at home. These procedures vary from applying herbal oil and herbal pastes, to applying boiled tamarind leaves to the knee. Various kinds of massages with coconut oil and olive oil can be practiced for [...]