12 Home Remedies For Tooth Pain And Infection

The pain that occurs in the tooth/teeth and in other surrounding structures that are located in oral cavity is called as tooth ache or dentaligia/dental pain. Pain in teeth can be caused by infections and dental diseases and may also occur because of other non-dental diseases that refer pain to teeth. Some of the more common causes of dental pain include dental trauma/injury, tooth decay, hyper-sensitivity of teeth which causes the occurrence of sharp and short duration pain that is [...]

10 Home Remedies For Angular Cheilitis

Angular Cheilitis also known in various names like rhagades, ceilosis and angular stomatitis is known to be an inflammation which occurs on one or both the corners of the lip and is regarded as a chronic skin issue that affects people all over the world! This skin disorder is characterized by dried up lips which can cause splitting and cracking of the skin on one corner or both the corners of the lips. This condition may start taking effect [...]

8 Useful Home Remedies For Dehydration

When the loss of fluid from your body is higher than what you have drunk, you are experiencing from dehydration. Some of the reasons leading to dehydration are diarrhea, too much of sweating and vomiting. The level of fluid in our body is very important as every cell needs water to work properly. This situation can be divided into mild and serious conditions. If mild conditions, you may experience from tiredness, headaches, lack of urination, wooziness and dry skin. [...]

6 Effective Home Remedies For Gingivitis

A common gum disease that can occur in anyone with poor dental hygiene is gingivitis. It is a minor gum disease problem. Some of the symptoms are redness, swelling, inflammation and irritation around the gum areas. When this becomes worse, you can even experience bad breath and bleeding. The main reason behind this is the formation of plaque on the teeth which are colorless germs or bacteria that disrupts and decreases the strength of the gum. When you face [...]

7 Home Remedies For Sun Poisoning 

Sun poisoning is termed medically as “Photodermatitis”. A severe case of sunburn, which takes place when a person is over exposed to the ray s of the sun for a long duration without any protection is termed as sun poisoning. It is very important to understand that the condition of sun poisoning can be very painful and harmful too, if kept untreated. Even after application of medication, the sun poisoning takes time to get cured and the skin can [...]

10 Top Home Remedies For Bronchitis

Bronchitis is mainly a type of inflammation caused in the bronchial tubes present between the lungs and nose. This inflammation can be due to various types of reasons. It is mainly affected by virus or bacteria in the tubes. This exact problem is associated with many types of symptoms such as problem in breathing, nasal congestion, pain in chest, fever, cough and muscle ache. The problem of bronchitis can be treated in various manners. Home remedies can be used [...]

6 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Neck

It can be quite humiliating and uncomfortable to have dark skin around your neck. It can reduce your confidence level significantly. Some people even go to the extent of only wearing collared outfits to hide their necks in public. Mostly we tend to focus only on our facial beauty ignoring to brush and clean our neck during shower. As a result the neck area darkens which can destroy our personality. At times other criteria like overweight, diabetes and genetic [...]

10 Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is a very common infection that occurs among a lot of women. The women's sexual organ that is the vagina has some bacteria residing in it. The bacteria are of two types good and bad and if there is an increase in the amount of bad bacteria then this problem occurs. This infection leads to an abnormal vaginal discharge that has a fishy smell or odor. Not only this, the other symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are itching [...]

10 Top Home Remedies For Fungal Infections

Fungal infections are mainly caused due to fungi that are a category of microorganisms. They are present in both indoor as well as outdoor. Huge numbers of fungal infections are creating trouble for human beings. This infection can badly affect the entire body and will lead to painful symptoms. They can affect to any body part and keep on multiplying unless some action is taken on it. There are various types of such infections occurring in the body. People [...]

6 Natural Remedies For Head Lice

The feeling of something moving on your scalp can make you go mad at times. This is nothing but head lice which are irritating tiny bugs residing on your scalps. They feed on your blood. It is very easy to get lice from another person like in functions, schools, colleges or using their combs, hairbrushes or clothes and even sleeping next to them. Constant itching of the scalp is the main sign of having head lice. They breed very [...]

Top 9 Home Remedies To Treat Skin Rashes

Skin rashes tend to be characterized by red-colored and itching skin, frequently accompanied by little bumps or other modifications in our skin’s color, texture or even appearance. They might occur on any section of our body or even be extensively distributed on large parts of our skin. This small yet annoying issue is often caused by problems like psoriasis, allergic reactions, insect attacks, mites, excessive sweating, acne breakouts, or even contact with specific poisonous vegetation such as oak or [...]

10 Home Remedies For Strep Throat

Strep throat is a kind of dangerous bacterial throat infection that can affect people of all age group. This common problem is mainly seen in children of age group between 5 and 15. People with very weak kind of immunity system mainly suffer from this particular problem. This is highly contagious and hence need to be cured before the condition further deteriorates. The strep bacteria will further affect other organs of the body. There are various antibiotics available to [...]

7 Home Remedies To Stop Teeth Grinding

Teeth’s grinding in medical term is known as bruxism. It is a kind of dental disorder that takes place with many people. There are some common reasons behind this problem. Some people are well aware of their teeth grinding habit, whereas some do it unknowingly. However it is not a good habit as the teeth gets erodes with passage of time. People who are into this bad habit must take care of best remedies to cure the problem. Home [...]

10 Home Remedies For Tinea Versicolor

Tinea versicolor, also commonly known as pityriasis, is a fungal infection of the skin that mostly affects the young adult individuals. The causative fungal agent, belonging to the genus Malassezia, is an opportunistic pathogen that is usually present on the skin. The abnormal infective property of the fungus is typically induced in hot and humid weather and subsides in the cold and dry winters. Apart from the weather, oily skin, excessive sweating or immunological compromise influences these usually peaceful [...]

6 Home Remedies For Anosmia (Loss Of Smell) And Loss Of Taste

The dual senses of smell and taste work in conjecture to help us detect and try our foods as well as flatter or warn us of any smell that is not necessarily associated with food items. These crucial senses though, can be lost due to many reasons. Among such causes include aging, which is one of the primary reasons that occur due to taste and olfactory nerve degeneration and many others such as nutritional deficiencies, nervous complications, sinusitis, excessive [...]

5 Home Remedies to Reduce Triglycerides

Triglycerides are an important component in our blood that provides us the necessary energy required to carry out different physiological functions. But over consumption of sugary food and beverages as well as lack of exercise enhance the triglyceride to such level that our body could no longer utilize it in proper way and as a result, store them as fat for future use. This fat deposition cause several complications ranging from obesity to posing major risk of heart diseases. [...]

6 Home Remedies For Sore Throat

A sudden pain while swallowing is the first symptom of a sore throat. As the pain increases, It becomes difficult to swallow food or liquids. Sore throat is, often, the result of a viral infection. It can also be caused by bacterial infection, inflammation of the larynx, tonsillitis, colds and cough. Some simple but effective home remedies for Sore Throat are Ginger Tea Take a piece of ginger and remove the peels. Crush the ginger and boil it along with tea leaves. [...]

10 Home Remedies For Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is a different kind of fungal infection which generally occurs under the nails. The fungi dermatophytes are the main reason behind this problem. There are various bad effects on the nails as the nails become thick, distorted, crusty and discolored. There are other painful results of this fungal infection. Then nail starts diverting from the nail bed, thus causing intense pain. This infection is caused due to unhygienic condition. This fungal infection can pass on to the [...]

10 Home Remedies For Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is a kind of problem that affects the tonsils present in both side of throat. The normal tonsils suffer from inflammation caused due to various types of reasons. It can affect to people of any age group. The main cause of Tonsillitis can be due to bacterial or viral infection on the throat. This problem is associated with symptoms such as bad breath, problem in swallowing, sore throat, sneezing, coughing and fever. It is better to cure the [...]

10 Home Remedies To Treat Stomach Ache

Stomach ache is a common problem and huge numbers of people are getting affected by it. It leads to discomfort and the intensity of pain can be different depending on the type of issue. The main reason for stomach ache can be gas, stomach infection, heartburn, indigestion, overeating and various others. There are symptoms associated with an ache in the stomach such as nausea, pain in abdomen, vomiting, bloating and many more. There are various types of medications available [...]

10 Home Remedies For Sprained Ankle

Sprained ankle can be a problem related to ankle and huge numbers of people suffer from this problem once in their life. Sprain is actually a word used when the muscles are over-stretched and that leads to strain. The sprain caused in the ankle is due to extra twisting of the ankle, which in turn leads to injure the ligaments. It can take place due to many reasons such as using high heels, lifting heavy weights and many more. [...]

10 Effective Home Remedies For Smelly Hair

Smelly hair is the condition of hair, where it starts smelling and provide bad odor from the scalp. This particular kind of problem can be due to various types of reasons, which can be both minor as well as major. The problem of smelling hair can take place with people of various age groups. It is solely dependent on the hygiene condition of the hair and scalp. Environmental conditions play a very important role in this issue. It is [...]

10 Home Remedies For Sleep Disorders

People generally face sleeping problem due to one reason or the other. It can be very normal problem unless it becomes a particular habit such as sleep disorders. Normal sleeping problems are due to pain, stress, different location and many more. The cause of sleep disorders can be due to other issues such as bed wetting, insomnia, sleep walking and others. This disorder is going to affect the physical as well as mental health of the person. Thus, it [...]

9 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Scar Tissue

Scar tissue is a very common kind of skin problem that can be caused due to many reasons. It can hamper the overall beauty of the person. When the upper layer of skin in damaged due to some reasons, the scar tissue replaces the upper layer. Scar tissue can thus take place due to many reasons such as fungal infection, burns, scrapes, cuts and acne. There is no serious problem with scar tissue as they are same type of [...]

10 Home Remedies For Premature Graying Of Hair

Premature graying of hair has become a very alarming problem among the youngsters who are badly affected by it. It leads to a look like that of an older age people. There are good numbers of reasons for the premature graying of hair, which should be known in order to avoid it. The main reasons behind premature graying of hair are bad nutrition, stress, excessive smoking, hormonal disorder and others. Low amount of melanin mainly lead to this problem [...]

6 Home Remedy Tips Of Gastritis

Whether or not one knows about any other painful health condition, one knows about gastritis as all of us suffer from it from time to time. It may not be a disease, but it certainly causes discomfort and disrupts our work because of the same. We may experience symptoms like nausea, bloated belly, acid reflux, burning sensation in the stomach, indigestion and sometimes even chest pain. What happens at the time of gastritis is the inflammation of the inner [...]

8 Effective Home Remedies For Gout

Gout is an ailment which is seen mostly in men who are above 40 years of age. When our kidneys are not able to excrete the excess uric acid, it leads to the formation of lumpy deposits of the acid within our body. Gout can be very painful and uncomfortable for the individual who is affected by it. Fortunately, you can take the help of medication to cure this disease; however, there are certain things which you can do [...]

7 Home Remedies for Pharyngitis

If you also frequently face the problem of pain in throat then it could be a possible sign that you are suffering from the problem of Pharyngitis. The problem affects your throat badly and is mainly caused by the infection of viruses and bacteria. There are other factors as well that can cause Pharyngitis. Cold, cough, allergy, flu, infection in sinus, smoking etc are all responsible for the severe Pharyngitis problem. The problem if mainly characterized through intense and [...]

8 Best Home Remedies For Dark Lips

Women want rosy or pink lips to enhance their beauty. The color of the lips matters a lot when beauty as a factor is taken into account. Pink lips looks to be appealing for many people. Huge numbers of people are losing their original color due to various numbers of reasons. It is resulting in dark lips that must be treated well in order to bring back the original color. Dark lips can be the result of exposure to [...]

5 Best Home Remedies To Cure Persistent Cough

Persistent cough is a very embarrassing problem especially when you’re attending any lecture in a quiet room or in a place where silence is a must condition. Persistent cough becomes more embarrassing at any public premises like restaurant, parties etc because at such occasions, everyone throws disgusted look at a person who’s disturbing the environment with his or her cough. Coughs are of two types, dry and productive. Dry cough are caused by dry air, allergies, effect of dusty environment, [...]