7 Wonder Herbs That Help In Hair Growth

Though hair is an integral part of our body, it is the least important, because it does not participate in any of the bodily functions required to keep us alive. Nevertheless a maneful of lustrous hair is what we truly desire; healthy, thick and long hair enhances both confidence and self-esteem two very important weapons required to combat the ups and downs of daily life. However, there comes a stage in life when hair fall becomes a common problem [...]

9 Herbs And Spices For Heart Health

The main function of heart is to pump blood in the circulatory system via blood vessels. Blood provides all the body organs nutrients and oxygen. It also helps other organs and body health systems to remove the metabolic wastes of the body. Without heart, the body cannot survive and it is a vital body organ. By improving the blood flow and blood quality, we can improve the functioning of heart. In order to have a better circulating blood with [...]

5 Plant Foods To Improve Your Immunity

For a healthy body and fitness, proper functioning of immune system is a must condition. But, with the changing climatic condition, it is quite difficult to maintain the immunity level for anyone because they don’t approach to maintain it perfectly. If you only prefer medication to maintain your immune system then regular us of medicine may cause some side effect to your body. However, you can also maintain proper functioning of your immune system by including some plant food [...]

5 Herbal Remedies To Treat Fibroid Tumors

Generally tumors can be of different types including cancerous and non-cancerous. Often non-cancerous tumors can be treated easily but the cancerous tumors may require critical treatment which may not be helpful sometimes. Fibroid tumors come under the category of non cancerous tumors. These are formed inside the muscular wall of the uterus. It is mostly prevalent in women who are at the menopause phase or women who are affected by other disorders. Often these fibroids do not cause any symptoms as [...]