7 Super Food For Healthy Hair

Hair, because who doesn't love them. We style them, color them, keep trying them pairing with accessories and ornaments and do whatever it takes to make them look good, but that's just the outside beauty .If you want them to be beautiful from inside too, then they need your constant care and nurturing so as to stay strong and shine naturally. Hairs are we know are basically made up of keratin, which is a kind of protein and hence [...]

5 Best Essential Oils For Healthy Hair

Essential oils with their amazing healing properties are among the best treats for your scalp and hair. Regardless of your hair type and scalp and hair issues, there are a number of essential oils to help you with your hair and scalp problems. Essential oils are the most popular choice for deep conditioning your tresses. For best result, instead of using a single essential oil, different types of essential oils are combined and added to a carrier oil such [...]

Noursihing Yogurt Mask For Healthy Skin and Healthy Hair

We spend so much on hair care and skin care products without thinking much about the amount of harmful chemicals these products contain. Well, we forget that far more effective beauty treatments are present in our kitchen itself. One such soothing and healthy ingredient which is perfect to treat your hair as well as facial skin is yogurt, yes plain yogurt. Yogurt repairs and nourishes dull and damaged hair, it also strengthens and conditions your hair as well. As far as [...]