5 Exceptional Causes Of Hair Loss In Children

Hair loss or alopecia is not a problem strictly for adults. Hair loss at a younger age or childhood is present and is estimated to be about 3%. It does not matter whether your children have thin hair or a bald spot, both can be frightening. The good thing is that with proper diagnosis and care this can be treated. Given Here Are Few Of The Cause Of Hair Loss In Children Tinea Capitis This condition is also known as the ringworm [...]

5 Ways To Use Curry Leaves For Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most distressing hair problems. Curry leaves are one of those natural products that help prevent hair loss naturally. Curry leaves have been found highly effective in preventing excessive hair fall. These leaves are a wonderful source of hair-friendly proteins, beta carotene, antioxidants and amino acids. Proteins prevent hair thinning and amino acids help strengthen the weak hair follicles and reduce hair loss as well. Antioxidants nourish damaged hair moisturizing them deeply and help [...]

5 Causes Of Premature Hair Loss That You Can Easily Avoid

Your hair starts thinning with age. The hair follicles weaken and the hair growth cycle slows down as we start aging. Your genetics too plays a role in determining the age when you will start losing your hair. Although hair loss upsets every one regardless of age, it is especially distressing for young adults. Premature hair loss occurs when the hair starts thinning when a person is in his/her 20s or 30s. Unhealthy habits and poor health are usually [...]

5 Simple Ways To Reverse Hair Loss Caused By Chemotherapy

Hair loss is a deplorable side effect of chemotherapy. The drugs used for chemotherapy destroy the healthy body tissues including the hair follicles along with the cancerous cells. Hair loss following chemotherapy is not only limited to the scalp but it affects the entire body. Hence, along with the scalp hair, you lose your eyebrow and body hair. The extent of hair loss depends on the type of drug and the dosage. While some people experience mild thinning of [...]

5 Benefits Of Green Tea In Treating Hair Loss

Green tea is unarguably one of the healthiest beverages. Packed with antioxidants, green tea protects you from a number of ailments. Do you know that you can also use green tea for arresting hair loss? It helps in addressing a number of underlying causes that trigger excessive hair fall. In addition to drinking green tea that helps in improving the antioxidant status of your body, green tea can be used as hair rinse and added to conditioners, shampoos and [...]

6 Treat Hair Loss Naturally With Coconut Oil

Hair loss is a common problem affecting both men and women. The hair loss can be temporary or permanent. The causes of Temporary hair loss include stress, hormonal imbalance due to pregnancy and weight loss diets. Permanent hair loss can be due to hormonal issues, heredity, aging, nutrient deficiency, scalp infections and other factors. Nowadays we see people of very young age suffering from hair loss. This could be due to lifestyle changes, stress and pollution. Modern hairstyling methods [...]

5 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Fight Thyroid Related Hair Loss Naturally

Imbalance in the thyroid hormone is a common cause of hair loss. As the thyroid hormone controls the metabolism process of the body, imbalance in energy production affects the hair growth cycle. Problem of hair loss is more noticeable in people suffering from hypothyroidism. Insufficient energy production following deficiency of the thyroid hormone may shut down hair growth, leading to hair loss. However, hair loss caused by thyroid malfunction can be easily reversed with the help of certain natural [...]

10 Chinese Herbs That Help In Treating Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem that lots of individuals throughout the world suffer due to stress, pollution, unhealthy eating and sleeping habits, and other reasons. However, certain Chinese herbs are quite effective in treating hair fall problems. Chinese herbs have been used for hair loss treatment from ancient times. These medicinal herbs work on your hair loss as an individual remedy or in combination of other herbs. In addition to preventing hair loss, Chinese herbs also treat discoloration [...]

10 Home Remedies To Control Hair Loss

Lifestyle and diet play an important role in hair growth. If you suffer from hair loss and you want to know how to prevent it, you have to choose effective yet healthy means to do so. Although there are many oils, cosmetics, shampoos and medications in the market to prevent hair loss, you have to understand the root cause of the problem before using them. Once the good cause is identified, you can choose between different solutions to control [...]

An Excellent Hair Loss Remedy To Reduce Hair Loss And Promote Hair Growth

An Excellent Hair Loss Remedy To Reduce Hair Loss And Promote Hair Growth

Hair loss is completely normal and natural, but excessive hair loss? If you are shedding more hair strands than usual, you should understand that something is going wrong in your system. A lot of factors may be contributing to it, including emotional stress, poor diet or careless and negligence towards hair care. It is important to take care of the situation in time before you encounter emotional trauma leading to worsening of the situation. Dump all you your fancy [...]

6 Treatments For Hair Loss

In the latest breakthrough that will finally help in curing baldness is good, and in such case some natural remedies will be adviser like drinking the juice of boiled mustard seed is a perfect answer. Honestly, hair loss is a big problem, but still after many years of trying there is no result and no one yet has found any natural ways for alleviating people from this cosmetic ailment. There are numerous reasons related to loosing of hairs that [...]

Remedies For Women's Hair Loss

5 Home Remedies For Women’s Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the common condition faced by men and women equally in today’s world. With the increasing internal and external factors, there are about 8 out of every 10 people who complain about severe hair loss. Since hair is one of the factors that has the strength to positively or negatively affect the appearance, more and more people are concerned about keeping it healthy and problem free. This is more valid for women for whom the hair [...]

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss Naturally

A healthy and gleaming hair is something we all wish for, as it is a symbol of beauty, but hair loss is a common problem nowadays in both male and female. Losing 50 -100 strands of hair per day is considered normal in humans, but if it is beyond this, the condition is considered severe. You have to take action immediately to stop this problem. Natural ways are found to be the best and harmless remedies to prevent hair [...]

5 Amazing Herbal Remedies For Hair Loss

A bunch of thick, black tresses falling over shoulder is ever woman’s desire. However, every woman is not endowed with such a lock of hair. Then there are some who may have been endowed with beautiful locks, but are losing it by tufts these days. If you are among any of these types, you must be worried a lot. You may be tired of visiting specialist doctors and cosmetic experts because none of them have been able to offer [...]

Useful And Beneficial Ways To Treat Hair Loss

Hair loss in the earlier days was considered as a sign of aging but nowadays it is no longer a condition decided by age. It has become a common problem of many people of all age groups. For both men and women, premature hair loss is caused due to several factors like genetics, pregnancy, stress and anxiety, unhealthy diet, some severe illness or due to certain other factors as well. It is very important to follow a proper hair care [...]

Remedies For Hair Loss

6 Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Hair thinning, hair loss, damaged hair are one most common basic problems that people face today. Every one from kids to adults are suffering from hair issues. The basic factor that can contribute to hair loss are stress, pollution, diet, lifestyle changes etc.,. All these issues are unavoidable. Hence, in today's changing world, it is better to adapt to these changes and follow certain important changes that prevent hair loss. Protect the hair from pollution and exposure to harmful chemical [...]

5 Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a traumatic experience, more so when it occurs in a younger person. Loss of hair often leans to loss of self-esteem. People who suffer from hair loss will explore all available options to tackle the problem. While there is no cure for this issue, there are hair loss solutions that can help salvage the condition to a large extent. Millions of people across the world are suffering from hair loss, and it strikes both men and [...]

4 Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

We tend to associate hair loss and balding only with men. In recent years, there has been a phenomenal increase in hair loss among women. This is due to poor diet, fast-paced lifestyles, long working hours, lack of sleep and stress. Losing hair everyday is stressful in itself. There are many serums, oils, shampoos and conditioners in the market that claim to be anti-hair fall treatments. A great many of these products do not deliver on their promise to curb [...]