6 Best Home Remedies To get Rid Of Dark Freckles

Ephelis or Freckles are clusters of melanin. The term melanin is used for denoting the group of naturally occurring pigments that are found in human body and also in body of other organisms. Melanin is formed by the oxidation of tyrosine, an amino acid. The oxidized pigments then polymerize to form melanin. This oxidation and polymerization process only occurs in melanocytes, a special kind of cells that specialize in melanin formation. Melanin is important for protecting skin and protects [...]

8 Top Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Freckles

Freckles are the brown color spots on the skin that is mostly appears on face, arms, and shoulders in different sizes. It is the small spots that are slightly darker than the actual complexion of skin. It occurs due to the several reasons, i.e. hormonal imbalance, direct exposure of skin over sun, heredity, etc. It is the main sign of damaged skin. Natural remedies are the best process to get rid of freckles. Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Freckles Lemon [...]

Remedies For Freckles

5 Effective Home Remedies For Freckles

Freckles are small, flat, tan, yellow, red, black or light brown circular spots that may develop randomly on the skin after excessive sun exposure. Freckles or ephelis are extremely common among fair skinned individuals. Freckles are mostly found on the face, even though they may appear on the cheeks, shoulders, arms and chest of fair complexioned people. Freckles develop as a result of sudden increase in melanin content of the skin after extended exposure to direct sunlight. Hormonal imbalance and [...]