5 Reasons To Eat Ginger To Fight Cancer

Ginger has been valued for centuries in the traditional medicines across the world for its healing properties. According to recent studies, ginger can also help in cancer treatment. It contains an active compound called 6-shogaol, which according to studies, is almost 10,000 times more powerful than chemotherapy in destroying the cancer cells. Furthermore, unlike conventional chemotherapy, the anti-cancer compound in ginger selectively targets the malignant cells without harming the healthy cells. Hence, side effects commonly associated with chemotherapy can [...]

5 Ways Asparagus Could Possibly Help Fight Cancer

Asparagus is a nutrient rich herbaceous plant which possesses many healing qualities. It is said that asparagus also has the ability to prevent cancer. Cancer is one of those deadly diseases that hasn't got a permanent medical solution yet. Dr.Richard Vensal,a dentist, published an article in a prevention magazine and he said that consuming asparagus plant could prevent cancer. Though no permanent medication has been formulated to treat the disease, asparagus always is linked with prevention of cancer. Here Are Five [...]