5 Ways To Beat Those Myomas At Home

Female reproductive system is an intricate network of the reproductive organs and the hormones that regulate their function throughout the lifetime. There are many conditions that develop in the uterus of a female in response to a hormonal imbalance or any metabolic factor. Estrogen is the primary hormone in females which is responsible for the growth and formation of myomas. One such condition prevailing among fertile females is myomas. Myomas commonly affect females in their reproductive or perimenopausal phase. These are non-spreading tumorous [...]

Treatment Options For Fibroids

Treatment Options For Fibroids

Fibroids also known as Uterine Fibroids, are tumors that develop in the uterus and affect a majority of women. The fibroids or tumors can be benign (non- cancerous) or malignant (cancerous) in nature. However, malignant tumors are extremely rare. Fibroids can be situated in the wall of the uterus (Intramural), or outside (Subserosal). (more…)

14 Home Remedies For Fibroids

A noncancerous growth of the connective tissues in the uterine of women can be referred as fibroids. Myoma and Leiomyoma are the alternative names for fibroids. The size of the fibroids will vary from small to large. Fibroids have to be treated properly to avoid risks involved during pregnancy. However, following home remedies for fibroids can help to get rid of the effects of the disease. Home remedies can provide effective results devoid of any side effects. It can help [...]