5 Causes of Premature Aging of Your Face

Aging is a biological process of getting older. However unhealthy lifestyles coupled with bad eating habits hampers this natural process, and few people tend to age faster than their biological age. Of course you cannot look young forever, but there are some bad habits that can cause you to look older. Look for these five beauty blunders that can cause premature aging of your face. Causes of Premature Aging of Your Face Body Weight Being too heavy or too thin can accelerate [...]

8 Most Effective Home Remedies For Beautiful Face

Skin is the outer most part of the body which protects us from many harmful substances. Skin becomes dry when it loses its moisture due to many factors. Dry skin is known as Xeroderma where there is formation of white lines on the skin when there is dryness due to loss of protein in the skin. This happens as the layer of the skin also loses sebum content. Face is one such part where it is affected soon and [...]