6 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Eye Bags

Having puffy eyes or eye bags can be very embarrassing in public. Puffiness and eye bumps can be caused by many reasons. The main culprit behind this is tiredness of eyes. Other than that, sleeping for a prolonged period of time, crying excessively, the deposition of fats under your eyes, stress, depression and aging are some of the factors leading to eye bags. Our eyes are surrounded by a thin layer of skin which is hyper-sensitive and delicate. The [...]

10 Top Habits Which Are Ruining Your Eyes

Eye care is gaining more and more importance in the recent times. Especially with the changing lifestyles and youngsters staying glued to their laptops and smart phones, or children staying glued to the television, there are many myths about habits which are actually not harmful, or those which are harmful, to the eye health. Here, we have listed top 10 habits which you should be avoiding, as you may be indirectly or directly hampering your eye health by sustaining [...]

5 Unbelievable Benefits of Rosewater For Eyes

Packed with medicinal properties, rosewater is widely used in the traditional medicines of the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East for healing various ailments. Although more popular for its role in skin care, rosewater can also be used as an effective remedy for minor eye problems. It is a natural antiseptic. It can be used as an alternative to antibiotic medications to treat minor infections. Moreover, rosewater is valued for its soothing and cooling property. Here Is How You Can [...]

4 Best Tips For Eye Care

4 Best Tips For Eye Care

It is said that a human being can speak his emotions through his eyes! Eyes are the most delicate and yet most important part of our body. We can see the whole beautiful world and nature because of our eyes. But we take them so much for granted! Value of eyes is realized when we see any blind person or when we suffer from weak eyesight or any type of eye disease. So we must take care of our [...]