How To Treat Diabetes

Millions of people suffer from diabetes all over the world. But the fact remains that many amongst them hardly realize that they are suffering from this disease. You can never ignore a disease like diabetes simply because it breeds other diseases. Increase in blood sugar, the main cause behind diabetes has the capability of damaging vital organs of the body. Diabetes leads to kidney failure and blindness, heart disease and strokes and several lower limb amputations. So the bottom [...]

Treatment Options For Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus is a condition where the person is unable to absorb the glucose in the blood stream due to insufficient or absence of the hormone insulin, which helps in the utilization of glucose in the body. This is when the symptoms such as high blood sugar (hyperglycemia), restlessness, tiredness, excessive thirst, etc. come to surface. Diabetes can be of two types: Type 1 diabetes- an auto immune disorder where the body attacks the insulin producing cells in the body [...]

Top Vitamins And Supplements For Diabetes

There are lots of health defects suffered by people nowadays and one of the commonly seen heath issues is diabetes. It is a chronic disease that occurs in an individual due to the rise in sugar levels in the blood. It is also caused by improper secretion of insulin that is characterized by frequent urination, increased hunger and thirst. This affects the entire body metabolism, which tends to create further health declination. To avoid this situation and to safeguard a person’s [...]

Types Of Medications For Diabetes

Types Of Medications For Diabetes

The popular picture that comes to one’s mind when you think of diabetes is insulin shots. But insulin is mainly given in all type 1 diabetes patients and in inadequately controlled type 2 diabetes cases. Most cases of type 2 diabetes are treated with other hypoglycemic (lowering blood glucose) drugs that can be given orally (so-called “oral hypoglycemic drugs”), in contrast to insulin, which has to be given by injection because if it is given orally it is degraded [...]