5 Amazing Herbal Remedies For Dementia

More and more people are surviving to the ripe old age of 70 and beyond. While some of them are aging gracefully, some others are not so fortunate. They are suffering from dementia. A large number of elderly people are afflicted with one or the other form of dementia. Such people are unable to remember, learn, reason or retain. They may also become disoriented to time, place and person. Lack of attention, problem solving skills and even the ability [...]

Natural Cure For Dementia

Memory loss is a common problem associated with old age.  However, for people suffering from dementia, memory loss is one of the symptoms of the ailment. Dementia is a disease, which not only causes memory loss, but it could also lead to hallucination and depression. It is caused due mutilation of the brain cells. A person suffering from this disorder could lose interest in things, which he or she previously enjoyed. There might even be some difficulty in communication and [...]