10 Natural Treatments For Dehydration

Water is life; in fact it is the most critical element of our survival. Dehydration occurs when the elimination of water from the body is much higher that its intake. Almost 75 percent of water exists within the cells of our body, within the blood vessels and in spaces between the cells. These are referred to as intracellular space, intravascular space and interstitial space and they collectively perform many of our body’s critical communications. Therefore, our survival depends upon a [...]

14 Ways To Treat Dehydration

Dehydration is the loss of essential body fluids especially water. When the amount of fluids lost exceeds the amount of fluids taken then dehydration occurs. Dehydration is basically due to loss of water. The symptoms include diarrhoea, vomitings, weakness, thirstiness, dry mouth and severe headaches. The patient becomes prone to various diseases. Brain also mainly gets affected due to lack of blood circulation. It causes major damage to the body. Dehydration in children results iserious consequences. Rehydration is very important [...]