5 Simple Ways To Reverse Hair Loss Caused By Chemotherapy

Hair loss is a deplorable side effect of chemotherapy. The drugs used for chemotherapy destroy the healthy body tissues including the hair follicles along with the cancerous cells. Hair loss following chemotherapy is not only limited to the scalp but it affects the entire body. Hence, along with the scalp hair, you lose your eyebrow and body hair. The extent of hair loss depends on the type of drug and the dosage. While some people experience mild thinning of [...]

Serious Side Effects Of Chemotherapy

Cancer is a condition where the cells in the body start to develop and grow abnormally. This abnormal growth results in a number of severe health conditions which also includes death. There are number of treatment therapies available for cancer; these include radiation therapy, surgery, certain medications and chemotherapy. We know that cancer cells divide rapidly; Chemotherapy mainly targets at killing and destroying rapidly developing cells in the body with the help of chemicals and thus the name ‘chemo-chemicals’ [...]