10 Causes And Preventive Measure For Pigmentation

Pigmentation is visible on the skin in the form of dark patches and spots. It is an issue that impacts a people of all age groups. This excessive colouration lowers the self-esteem of the person. This problem is generally found in both and men on an equal basis. There are various causes that lead to this problem. Many of us do not know about this problem. Understanding the causes and learning about the effective ways to treat it can [...]

6 Solemn Causes Of Overexertion Injuries

About three million people visit hospital every year because of injuries caused due to overexertion. Whether it is food, mental exertion or physical exertion, excess of anything is damaging for your health. It leads to injuries and reduces the efficiency of body. There are many causes to overexertion injuries. To meet deadlines, quick achievement of goal or lack of physical support we tend to overexert ourselves knowingly and unknowingly which causes body ache or injuries. Such type of injuries [...]

5 Major Causes Of Hair Thinning

Losing and diminishing of hair is exceptionally basic condition. All individuals independent of sexual orientation or age experience the ill effects of this issue. Hair fall and hair diminishing is connected to a considerable measure of genuine ailments and is countered with the treatment at an early stage. Given Here Are A Portion Of The Real Reasons Of Hair Diminishing Genetic Now and then it is hereditary that there is hair fall and diminishing of hair. It is known as male example [...]

5 Exceptional Causes Of Hair Loss In Children

Hair loss or alopecia is not a problem strictly for adults. Hair loss at a younger age or childhood is present and is estimated to be about 3%. It does not matter whether your children have thin hair or a bald spot, both can be frightening. The good thing is that with proper diagnosis and care this can be treated. Given Here Are Few Of The Cause Of Hair Loss In Children Tinea Capitis This condition is also known as the ringworm [...]

10 Causes Symptoms Treatments Of Psychosomatic Disorder

Psychosomatic is divided in two terms that is the mind (psyche) and the body (soma). Psychosomatic disorder is basically a disease that involves both the mind as well as the body. Many physical disease are particularly prone to make it worse by some mental factors like the stress and the anxiety. The current state of mind state can adversely affect the physical disease at any point of given time and place. The psychosomatic disorder is generally regarded by people [...]

11 Causes And Treatments Of Adult Acne

Acne is often misinterpreted as a teenage problem but in reality it can strike anyone at any age. Acne that happens in people above 30 years of age is termed as adult acne. The reason why most people dread this skin condition is the unsightly marks it leaves on one's skin. Unlike teen acne, adult acne is difficult to treat and mostly appears around the chin and the jawline. Our skin consists of sebaceous glands whose role is to maintain skin's moisture. These glands [...]

Causes Treatments And Exercises Of Foot Drop Disorder

Foot drop has become a common problem now a days. More and more people are getting caught by this disease. Drop foot is a type of state in which a person loses control of single or both the feet. Once you have identified yourself suffering with this painful ailment then you would feel problems in performing activities which requires movement of the foot like walking, jogging and running. There can be wide range of reasons responsible for this disease. [...]

11 Leading Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease

The most common form of Dementia is Alzheimer’s Disease or AD that accounts for 60 percent of all the cases of dementia. The disease causes loss of memory in the affected person. The behavioral and thinking patterns of the patients are also negatively affected. It is a progressive disease and worsens over time. AD is a neuro-degenerative disease and causes the loss of neural structure and functionality. Death of neurons also occurs. There are 3 kinds of AD viz. early-onset [...]