5 Superb Food Combinations For Fighting Cancer

Despite advancement in treatment, cancer is still a leading cause of death worldwide. Preventing the rapid multiplication of the rogue cells is a major challenge of cancer research. Cancer therapies are not only expensive but they also entail multiple side effects that affect the quality of health. However, the mutation of the genetic materials of the cells that induces production of malignant cells can be averted with specific food combinations. A number of naturopaths claim that cancer can be [...]

5 Reasons Why Turmeric Is Best For Cancer Prevention

Turmeric, the essential spice for your curries, is also known for its broad spectrum medicinal uses. Among the countless benefits of consuming turmeric, recent studies suggest that the spice is also an effective anti-cancer agent. A large number of experimental studies have revealed that turmeric can help in preventing cancer. According to health experts a number of cancers can be prevented if you can deal with the possible causes of the disease. According to studies, turmeric is a unique [...]

10 Early Alarming Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is the cancer of ovaries which form a part of the female reproductive tract. It is called ‘the silent killer’ as the signs and symptoms remain hidden for a long time. The serious symptoms are given out only when the disease has spread extensively, thus making it difficult for the patient as well as doctor to identify the occurrence of ovarian cancer. However there are some signs and symptoms which might occur in patients suffering from ovarian [...]

11 Cancer Causing Foods To Avoid

Cancer is the uncontrolled and abnormal multiplication of cells. The disease is often fatal and should never be taken lightly. More than half of the cancers that occur worldwide are entirely preventable by lifestyle and dietary changes. There are some foods that help prevent cancer. These include green and leafy vegetables, fibrous food like whole grains, organic foods whole, fruits and vegetables etc. There are also certain food items that expose you to a greater risk of cancer. You [...]

10 Natural Ways To Treat Brain Cancer

Brain cancer or brain tumor cells are the cells which multiply abnormally within the brain and are formed inside the brain itself. They are also called as Intracranial Neoplasm and can be of two type viz. Benign Tumors and Cancerous Tumors. Benign tumors are localized tumor cells that are unable to further invade neighboring cells and tissues. Cancerous tumor cells or malignant tumor are those cells that divide abnormally and may spread to other parts of the body as [...]

Top 15 Cancer Causing Foods to Avoid

Cancer is a deadly disease which can spread easily. The abnormal or rapid uncontrollable cell division in any part of our body can create tumor. These cancerous cells may spread to all parts of our body if left untreated. There are various ways to treat cancer like surgery and chemotherapy. However, the pain that it causes is unbearable. Certain kinds of cancer like blood cancer, ovarian cancer and bone cancer can expand and change from benign to malignant state [...]

15 Health Benefits Of Asparagus Powder

Asparagus is a popular plant that has been eaten from ancient times owing to the fact that it so delicious. It is known by several other names like Espárrago, Espárragos, Garden Asparagus, Asparagus officinalis, Asparagi Rhizoma Root, Asperge, Asperge Comestible, Spargelkraut, Spargelwurzelstock and also Sparrow Grass. This plant originates in maritime climate and what many people are unaware of is the the newly formed shoots, roots as well as underground stems of an asparagus are utilized for various medicinal [...]

Relation Between High Acidic Levels And Cancer

Cancer is a very harmful disease. Most of the time, people are under this misunderstanding that cancer is always caused due to reasons that cannot be controlled by us. However, this is not true. One of the main reasons why cancer is caused is due to the presence of extra acid in the body. Acid is harmful for the body in many ways one of which is the cause of cancer. If the acidic content of your body is very [...]

How To Treat Skin Cancer

Common Signs & Symptoms Of Cancer

An un-controlled growth of cells in the body is known as cancer. These un-controlled growth of cell results in the formation of tumors, which can be both cancerous or non-cancerous in nature. Cancer causes signs and symptoms which are common for many other diseases, therefore it is necessary to detect them at the earliest and seek medical advice for the same.  (more…)

16 Home Remedies For Cancer

Cancer therapies and treatments are often very harsh as it requires treating and eradicating harmful cancer cells without damaging the healthy tissues that surround the cells. Though the regular chemotherapy and other medical treatments are difficult to ignore, there are home remedies that can help you deal with cancer cells and sometimes even cure the disease to a certain extent. Effective Home Remedies For Cancer Not all forms of cancer can be cured by home remedies for cancer but few remedies can [...]

Treatment Options For Cancer

The treatment of cancer depends on the cancer type. Another factor in the treatment of cancer is the stage of cancer. Some other points to consider are the growth of cancer, and if it has spread to other body parts. Cancer treatment does not involve a single mode of treatment, but it includes a combination of many therapies. (more…)

23 Cancer Symptoms And Types

Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of the body cells. There is a multiplication and death of normal cells according to the body's need. However, in cancer, the cells divide very fast and do not die. These cells form tissue lumps, known as tumors. In leukemia, the cells divide abnormally in the blood. Tumors grow and affect the functioning of body organs in a negative way. Benign tumors are the ones that do not move and have limited growth. Cancer [...]