7 Exercises For Bursitis And Shoulder Rehabilitation

Maximum range of motion is provided by the shoulder joint. Shoulders help in balancing the body in various positions such as sitting, standing and reclining. When one performs exercise such as lifting weights then it directly impact your shoulders and put pressure on it. Shoulder joints are used to a large extent and so prone to various types of health problems. You may get shoulder injuries due to accidents, over exercise, sports, incorrect posture, over stretching or any other [...]

Remedies For Bursitis

5 Effective Home Remedies For Bursitis

If you are suffering from pain in your shoulders, elbow, foot or knee, it could be due to a condition called bursitis. Repetitive movements are often the main cause of bursitis. The bursae are tiny, fluid-filled sacs that cushion the joint bones and help protect your tendons and muscles from friction. But, if the friction is too much due to hard work, injury or overexercsiing, the bursae can get inflamed and this results in a condition called bursitis. This [...]

Recommended Bursitis Treatments

Bursitis is inflammation of bursa (small sac) containing synovial fluid. More than one bursa can be affected. These bursae act as fluid-filled cushions or pads for muscles and tendons near joints, making movement of the joints painless. Most commonly, bursitis occurs in bursae near shoulder joint, elbow joint and hip joint. However, bursitis can also occur near knee, heel and base of big toe. It occurs more commonly in joints used repetitively. Bursitis is more common in those over the [...]

Top 5 Causes Of Bursitis

Bursitis refers to the inflammation of the fluid-filled sacs present at joints in the body to enable the joints to move smoothly without any excess friction. The sacs are called bursae, and they can get inflamed due to a variety of reasons. Symptoms include restriction of joint movements, irritation, swelling and tenderness of the joint. Most cases of bursitis can be cured simply by following a few instructions for a short time, but severe cases may need to be operated. [...]