7 Effective Chair Cardio Exercises To Burn Calories

Burning weight is one of the major concerns that we are facing today. In our busy schedule we are not able to separate out time to place exercise in it. Well it is not that hard, if you have to will to do it you sure will receive. You can even perform weight burning cardio while just sitting on the chair. Yes, this is the latest thing to exercises and is quite effective in getting results with very low [...]

12 Ways To Burn More Calories And Loose Weight

“I need to lose fat” but I don’t have time for exercise at all!! Sounds familiar isn’t it? Ask anyone what their major concern is the immediate reply would be weight management. Any discussion with friends leads to body weight and exercise knowingly or unknowingly. Everybody wants to lose weight but have many reasons to support their laziness as well – no time, work schedules are erratic, travelling frequently and so on. While all these are true one can [...]

10 Best Exercises To Help You Burn 2000 Calories A Day

Lack of adequate information about how to burn calories is an obstacle to healthy weight loss. Physical activities will help you to burn calories but not all exercises are equal when it comes to calorie expenditure. Some exercises stimulate calorie burning at a faster rate whereas other activities use fewer calories. Hence, to attain your weight loss target, your workout regimen should feature exercises that help in burning the requisite amount of calories daily. The optimum energy need of a person [...]