Various Bone Cancer Treatments

Bone cancer is a rare cancer. Patients who have bone cancer suffer from mild pain, which can become severe later on. The main cause of bone cancer is spreading of cancer from other body parts. Bone cancer can occur in the bones of limbs, knees and shoulders and it can reach the lungs. Bone cancer can be treated by many methods, depending on type, location, aggressiveness and spreading of the cancer. Bone cancer can be treated with surgery and chemotherapy. [...]

How To Prevent Bone Cancer

In bone cancer, there is an uncontrolled cell growth in the bones, which affects the functioning of bones. Due to this, the bones become weak and there is an increased risk of fracture. Bone cancer lowers the patient’s quality of life. Bone cancer causes pain and swelling in the bones. Bonce cancer can cause tiredness and fever. The patient can have weight loss along with anemia. If a person has long bones in hands and legs, it increases the [...]

Important Bone Cancer Causes

Important Bone Cancer Causes

Bone cancer is relatively less common in today’s world. However, bone cancer can develop as a consequence of metastasis. If a patient is suffering from metastatic cancer, he may develop bone cancer when his primary cancer spreads to bone. Bone cancer can vary in severity and occurrence. Osteosarcoma and chondrosarcoma are common bone cancers. Bone cancer can result in severe debility in old aged individuals. Let us try to understand more about bone cancer causes. Bone Cancer Causes Family History There is a [...]

Signs And Symptoms Of Bone Cancer

Broadly speaking, the term bone cancer covers several different forms of the disease. Just to understand a bit more, let me tell you that bone cancer can be categorized as primary bone cancer and secondary bone cancer. When the tumors originate in the cells and tissues of the bone itself, it is called primary bone cancer. On the contrary, secondary bone cancers originate in other locations of the body and then metastasize to the bone. Primarily carcinomas of the prostrate, [...]