5 Ways To Get Rid Of Black Heads

People of any age group irrespective of their gender can suffer from the ugly problem of black heads. These ugly black heads mainly occur on the face, particularly on the nose. Primarily the main causes of black heads are too much use of cosmetics and various hormonal changes taking place in the body. It is thus very important to follow a proper skin care regime to prevent as well as treat the problem of black heads successfully. Though there are many [...]

5 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Black Heads

Black heads are a type of acne. They are pimples exposed to the air and hence turn black. The color is due to the oxidisation of the particles in the exposed pores. Some skin types are more prone to black heads and is an index of unhealthy skin. Oily skin is more prone to black heads and hence skin needs to be kept clean to avoid the pores from getting blocked. The best part is black heads can be removed [...]