5 Benefits Of Sesame Seeds For Anaemia

Anaemia is known as the condition of the body where the red blood cells or your haemoglobin count goes down drastically. It is a chronic disease that is often not treated by medications. But it has been seen that in a lot of instances, sesame seeds have benefited the patients suffering from the same largely. Here Are 5 Benefits Of  Sesame Seeds For Anaemia Rich In Folic Acid One of the biggest benefits of sesame seeds is that it is known [...]

7 Oblique Exercises And Their Benefits

It is actually very much important to lose your weight from the correct places so that you get the proper curves in your body. One of the best ways to get the curves back of your body is by performing the oblique exercises. There are plenty of benefits of oblique exercise which will really help you in keeping your body fit and healthy. Oblique muscles are located along the abdominal walls. Here Is Some Of The Best Oblique Exercise Oblique Crunch Just [...]

7 Chest Fly Exercise Along With Their Benefits

You need to eat fresh and exercise daily for keep your body healthy and strong. Exercise with dumbbells and cables means properly instructed gym like exercise to tone your various muscles. However, regular exercise is must to increase your body strength. Your upper body must be toned and well-shaped. Chest exercise is very significant for correct body shape. These exercises not only shaped up your upper body but it also shaped up your other part of the body. Chest [...]

5 Wall Sit Exercise And Its Benefits

The wall sit exercises are very effective for thighs and gluteus. It toned the muscles of your buttock, waist and thighs. Normally we gain most of our lower portion fat in these areas. You can practise this exercise anywhere according to your convenience. Here Are 5 Wall Sit Exercise Its Benefits Simple Wall Sit Stand on your back against a wall. You just move your feet for about 2 feet from the wall and keep 6 inches gap between two feet. Come [...]

6 Effective Swiss Ball Exercises And Their Benefits

Swiss ball is also popularly called as an exercise ball or a gym ball. This tool is used in Pilates, yoga, athletic training and physical therapies. Swiss ball is made up of plastic and is filled with air. Exercising with this ball helps in toning and strengthening the core muscles in your body and makes you learn the art of balancing the body. Here Are 6 Effective Swiss Ball Exercises And Their Benefits Lying Ball Squeeze This is a very beneficial exercise [...]

7 Benefits Of Rope Climbing Exercise

Rope climbing is a full body exercise that helps to test your strength and is not for the feint hearted. This exercise helps develop your upper body and also benefits in iron grip and to improve the agility and coordination of skills. This is an ancient exercise which inquires simple actions but is highly beneficial for the physical development. This exercise has been there in the military training and in other combat training fitness for thousands of years. Before [...]

9 Laser Treatments For Treating Acne & Their Amazing Benefits

Are you suffering from acne and has made every possible effort to get rid of it? Acne is a serious skin complexion that mainly occurs due to the oil overproduction on the skin of an individual. Pimples and acne usually targets females more than compare to males. Sometimes, acne also causes due to the hormonal changes as such changes generally results in obstructing the sebaceous glands in the skin. Health professionals recommend many types of treatments to treat scars [...]

7 Benefits Of Crunches

If you are looking for an effective exercise that helps in fighting obesity along with making the abdominal area strong, you must try the crunches exercises. For doing this exercise, you need to lie down on back. After that, you should bend the knees. Lift the head, shoulders and upper body upwards while placing the hands behind the head. Come back to starting position. Repeat the movement several times. This is a basic crunch exercise and it has many [...]

12 Benefits Of Step Aerobics

Obesity is very bad for health especially if there are fat deposits at the abdomen. Step aerobics is very effective in fighting obesity. This exercise can be done while watching television. This is quite effective for beginners who are just starting a new exercise routine. The exercise involves climbing the steps and coming back to starting position. You will need steps or some high structure for this. Some type of raised platform is required for this exercise. Step aerobics [...]

10 Amazing Benefits Of Rowing Machine Exercises

Exercising at the gym is a very good option for staying fit and slim. Many types of machines and equipment are available at the gym for doing exercises. Rowing machine is one such exercise machine that can help you in improving health. It has a steel slide with a seat. You sit on the seat and slide forward and backwards holding a handle. The slide moves when you do the rowing like movement on the handle. Fitness enthusiasts love [...]

6 Amazing Benefits Of Hammer Strength Exercise

Physical exercise is very important for staying fit and healthy. Some of us like to do easy exercises at home and some like to do exercise at the gym. Exercises at the gym are done with the help of machines and equipments. Exercising at the gym regularly helps in improving the muscles strength. People who do exercise at a gym are familiar with strength training equipment called hammer strength. People enjoy doing this exercise and it is safe for [...]

17 Amazing Benefits Of Caraway Seeds For Your Skin, Hair And Health

Caraway seeds are seeds of Asian origin and are also called Persian cumin or meridian fennel. In Hindi language, caraway is famously called ‘shahi jeera’. They belong to the biennial type of plants. These seeds require a warm climate with abundant sunlight for growth. Caraway seeds have lot of uses and have been used since ages. It is an old herb with number of benefits. Let us have a look at some benefits of caraway seeds which can be [...]