5 Ways To Beat Those Myomas At Home

Female reproductive system is an intricate network of the reproductive organs and the hormones that regulate their function throughout the lifetime. There are many conditions that develop in the uterus of a female in response to a hormonal imbalance or any metabolic factor. Estrogen is the primary hormone in females which is responsible for the growth and formation of myomas. One such condition prevailing among fertile females is myomas. Myomas commonly affect females in their reproductive or perimenopausal phase. These are non-spreading tumorous [...]

15 Amazing And Wonderful Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

A wonderful liquid, easy to make at home and highly useful for one and all can be the right definition of Apple Cider Vinegar. It has been already in use in many households. However, it will be worthwhile to look at the 15 amazing benefits so that more readers will be aware and start using the same. This superb amber colored liquid contains Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6,E along with nutrients like calcium, pectin, magnesium, copper, sodium, chloride, potassium, [...]

3 Top Natural Ways To Cure Heel Spurs With Apple Cider Vinegar

3 Top Natural Ways To Cure Heel Spurs With Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a common disease and may occur to anyone. However, it is most common among athletes, people having flat feet and even high arches, and women wearing high heels. The reason behind a heel spurs is increase of calcium deposits in the heel bone. The condition may get worse if you walk, run, or jog in barefoot on hard surfaces. Sometimes, badly worn shoes, spending more time on single feet, tight calf muscles, obesity, age and diabetes can [...]