10 Essential Oils For Anxiety And Depression

There are various ways to treat anxiety and depression issues; some are natural and some are medicinal. But, nowadays, aromatherapy has become a trend to treat anxiety issues by offering a calming effect on your brain. Scents have power to regulate our emotions and moods. Essential oils come with aromatic molecule and these oils are volatile in nature. The aromatic molecules have a direct effect on the parts of our brain that looks after stress, anxiety, depression and fear. Here [...]

6 Ways To Treat And Prevent Anxiety

  Anxiety is a state of mind that affects the body too. It should be kept in mind that such individuals are over anxious at times. In such times, it is the power of the mind that helps you win the battle over addiction. There are a lot of genetics, biological factors, and psycho-social factors have a major role in these disorders and chemical dependencies. However, there are some factors that can help you get over anxiety with ease- Here Are Ways [...]

How To Prevent Anxiety

An individual is said to be suffering from anxiety when he/she starts spending most of his time thinking about the "ifs" of Life. Anxiety starts creeping in when an individual becomes concerned about upcoming events that may or may not be true. This event most of the time is an imaginary response to negative thoughts mostly generated due to low confidence. And when a individual is low in confidence he or she is pre-occupied with unrelenting fears and worries [...]

Treatments For Anxiety

9 Best Natural Treatments For Anxiety

Anxiety can be extremely disturbing for the sufferer. It is very discomforting and can change the way one lives. Most of us suffer from anxiety at some or the other point of our lives. But few people experience the extremes of it. Even mild anxiety can be disrupting. Most people revert to medicines and therapy for treating and coping up with anxiety. Though both these treatments are common, medicines turn out to be harmful while therapy is generally expensive. A [...]

Top Herbal Remedies For Anxiety And Stress

The world today hardly gives us an opportunity to escape stressful situations or feelings of anxiety. We are all bound by our duties and responsibilities which could sometimes become overwhelming for both the mind and body. We feel stressed when we try to handle too many things at the same time, like work pressure, relationship issues, problems with kids or parents, financial matters etc. Anxiety on the contrary is a state of mind which signals an impending doom; it [...]

5 Ways To Treat Anxiety

A great majority of people around the world suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is a very common reaction to an uncertain event or outcome. Diverting our mind from anxiety-causing thoughts is an effective way of curing anxiety. Anxiety stays in mind until the period of uncertainness lasts. Once you find a solution for your worry, anxiety abates in intensity. There are various options available to cure anxiety effectively. Physical exercise, breathing exercises, and forming positive thinking habits play an important role [...]

7 Causes Of Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks are one of the most uncomfortable moments in a person's life. The person is gripped by intense fear and then a barrage of other symptoms or "bodily sensations" follow, including rapid heartbeats (palpitations), breathlessness, dizziness, hot flushes amongst other symptoms. Usually these attacks subside on their own but in some cases, the residue remains for hours. These attacks can severely damage the psyche of a person and give rise to a number of other phobias. The causes for [...]