11 Causes And Treatments Of Adult Acne

Acne is often misinterpreted as a teenage problem but in reality it can strike anyone at any age. Acne that happens in people above 30 years of age is termed as adult acne. The reason why most people dread this skin condition is the unsightly marks it leaves on one's skin. Unlike teen acne, adult acne is difficult to treat and mostly appears around the chin and the jawline. Our skin consists of sebaceous glands whose role is to maintain skin's moisture. These glands [...]

Effective Natural Cures For Adult Acne

Adult acne is an easily curable ailment. It affects numerous people, and can usually be cured by any agents that have antibacterial properties. Changing your diet, increasing intake of more cleansing foods, regulating water intake, and avoiding any agents that increase the risk of adult acne are simple methods to cure it. (more…)