10 Ab Exercises You Can Do At Home

Obesity is a risk factor for many diseases including diabetes, heart disease and other conditions. Increased body weight spoils your body shape making you look fatty with folds of fat hanging on the body. Many people have abdominal fat with the weight concentrated at the belly region. Fat deposits in the abdomen are not good for health. It puts a negative effect on body shape and personality. It is possible to fight obesity by doing regular workouts. Abdominal exercises [...]

13 Amazing No Crunch Ab Exercises

Crunches are an overhyped concept simply because they claim that it works. In reality, the amount of time that you spend doing crunches means that you are wasting energy into nothing much. On the other hand, if you do these no crunch exercises, you will notice that you are able to tone the abs faster, lose weight and inches on the area and get that lean look. The best part is crunches lead to neck pain, back issues, etc. [...]