Mom & World Baby Anti Bacterial Liquid Cleanser 500ml

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  • Non-toxic, antibacterial liquid cleanser made with edible biodegradable ingredients. Free from SLS, paraben, silicon and other potentially hazardous chemicals.
  • Cleanses everything that your baby uses including feeding bottles, utensils, accessories, toys and pacifiers. Also recommended for washing fruits and vegetables. It removes residues of pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals that may be present on the fruits & vegetables.
  • Lemon is a natural disinfectant. It easily removes stains and unpleasant odor.
  • Neem destroys germs that may be present in the feeding utensils, accessories and toys and on fruits and vegetables.
  • Made according to the international standards of safety and hygiene.
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Parents leave no stone unturned to bring to their bundle of joy the best things available in the world. In an environment replete with chemicals, dirt and germs waiting to wreak havoc on your baby’s health you need a cleanser specially formulated to protect your baby’s health from these adversaries.

Mom & World Liquid Baby Cleanser is a novel product made with natural ingredients that helps remove all traces of feeding residues, dirt, germs and chemicals from everything that your little one uses. All-Purpose Cleanser Every item that your baby uses should remain squeaky clean.

Man & World Liquid Baby Cleanser ensures that feeding bottles, utensils, accessories, pacifiers and toys stay clean and germ-free.Before extracting juices or pureeing fruits and vegetables thoroughly wash them with this all-purpose cleanser. It easily removes all traces of dirt, chemical residues and microbes from the peel. Lemon and Neem We have harnessed the cleansing and disinfecting powers of lemon and neem to produce the safest cleanser.

Lemon helps to remove stains, dissolve residues and eliminate odor while neem is capable of destorying microorganisms. The edible ingredients are safe for your baby’s health. Gentle, Powerful, Natural, Anti-Bacterial, Non-Toxic Mom & World Liquid Baby Cleanser has been formulated in accordance with the best standards. The biodegradable edible natural ingredients in the cleanser are gentle yet powerful.


Lemon (Citrus limon) Peel Extract 0.1%, Neem (Azadirachta indica) Seed Extract 0.1%, Base Q.S.


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Dilute 5-10ml (or 2-3 pumps as desired) of cleanser in 1 litre of water, mix well and immerse the accessories/bottles. Alternatively, take 1-2 pumps of cleanser on wet sponge and lather on the baby items. Follow this with rinsing the items under running water for at least 5 seconds