How Cashew Nuts Act As Natural Antidepressants

All the healthy foods we get from nature have lots of benefits while some of them surprise us with their amazing ways they could help promote our overall health and well-being. One of such incredible foods includes cashew nuts. The healthy and deliciously creamy cashews are not only great substitutes to your butter, cheese etc., but are beneficial in improving your brain health as well. We have heard that all the nuts and seeds are loaded with magnesium, fats, B vitamins etc., but cashews are a way more helpful in warding off general stress, anxiety, and mild depression. Cashews are powerfully packed with magnesium, iron, vitamin B6, omega 3s, protein, amino acids etc. All these nutrients help combat mild depression and here is how they help ward off mild depression as well as anxiety:

How Cashew Nuts Act As Natural Antidepressants

Cashews- A Powerhouse Of Tryptophan

Cashews are a great source of an amino acid tryptophan among the plant-based foods. Tryptophan is helpful in improving your serotonin levels in the brain and act as a medicine in warding off depression. Without tryptophan, our body will not be able to produce the serotonin hormone effectively and depletion of this hormone could make you feel stressed, depressed, and anxious. Unlike other tryptophan-rich foods, cashews contain nearly 2000mg per1/4th cup serving. Also, you need to intake a good amount of carb-rich foods in your diet because a diet containing tryptophan and carbs can significantly improve the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Cashews- A Powerhouse Of Tryptophan

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Cashews- High In Brain Boosting Fats

The healthy fats in cashews help improve your mood and combats depression. A little dose of healthy fats is considered good for your mood and heart, particularly monounsaturated fats which you will be getting from nuts and seeds. Cashews contain a healthy dose of monounsaturated fats which helps boost your brain health and combats depression naturally.
Also, the omega 3s found in cashew nuts may help improve your mental health and play a vital role in combating depression. Omega 3s in cashews helps combat depression by inhibiting the inflammatory cytokines activity which is otherwise common among patients suffering from depression.


Cashews- Packed With Magnesium

Among nuts, almonds are often recognized as the best sources of magnesium, but the fact is that cashews are high in magnesium than almonds. One ounce serving of cashews can provide you with 83mg of magnesium, unlike almonds which provide 73gm of magnesium per one ounce serving. Magnesium is a vital mineral essential for maintaining a good mood and a healthy nervous system, thus helping deal with anxiety and depression. The higher magnesium intake can combat low blood sugar which might otherwise lead to anxiety and mild depression.


Cashews- Loaded With Vitamin B6

The vitamin B6 found in cashews helps improve your serotonin levels. Both tryptophan and vitamin B6 help soothe your mind and combats anxiety and mild depression. Vitamin B6 is essential in combating depression by helping magnesium to reach the cells much effectively.
All the nutrients found in cashews together contribute to the overall health and consuming a single ounce of raw and unsalted cashew nuts provide an array of health benefits as well.

Vitamin B6

Few studies have revealed that a 1/4th cup serving of cashews provides the same mood-enhancing benefits equivalent to Prozac which in found in anti-depressants. Hence, consuming a handful of raw and unsalted cashew nuts can help improve the mental as well as emotional health.

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