12 Home Remedies For Yeast Infection

12 Home Remedies For Yeast Infection

If you are experiencing severe itching that is making you mad then there is a high chance that you are suffering from yeast infection. Also known as Candida, yeast infection can develop in and around dentures, lower abdomen, nails, vagina, under the breasts, and a body part that has skin folds.Immensely popular among women of all ages, yeast infection can also cause vaginal odor that is one of the prominent symptoms of yeast infection.

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Home Remedies for Treating Yeast Infection

Here are a few easy and effective home remedies that can help you get rid of yeast infection.

1. Good Hygiene

One of the easiest ways of dealing with yeast infections is to wash the area as frequently as possible. Even if the infection is inside the vagina, washing it frequently will knock out the infection from the genital area.

Worst thing about yeast infections is that it is transferable. To make sure that you do not pass the infection to your friends and family who share your living space; always keep separate towels and other bath essentials such as soaps. Also, wash your clothes in hot water to ensure that no germs and viruses are on your clothes. To ensure that the clothes are hundred percent clean, mix a cup of white vinegar into the water while rinsing.

Good Hygiene

2. Yogurt

Yeast infections can also be gotten rid off with plain yogurt. Make sure that there is no amount of sugar in the yogurt as sugar feeds yeast infection. To be sure that you do not use a wrong kind of yogurt, you can always make it at home by using any kind of milk.

Whether the yogurt is purchased or homemade, having yogurt after meals aids your digestion ad also deal with your yeast infection. For better results, one can also dip a tampon in yogurt and rub on the outside of the genital area. Let it rest for some time and then wipe it before it starts itching.


3. Stay Dry

Most yeast infections occur due to moist conditions with literally no oxygen; hence, to get rid of the infection the best way to deal with it is to keep the infected area as clean as possible. After bath, always use a towel and dab the area to dry it carefully.

Also, opting for underwear that is made of breathable materials such as cotton is a great idea. If you are fond of swimming and have to get wet in a swimsuit then make sure you do not lounge around in the wet suit. Change as soon as you get out of the pool.

Stay Dry

4. Garlic

One of the most effective home remedies for yeast infection is garlic. Inserting one tab of garlic into the infected vagina can relieve you from the infection and its itching instantly.

Though this is not a permanent solution, it is an effective solution if the itching is bad. Also, one can consume tabs of garlic for the same effective results. And if you are not worried about the smell then press a clove of garlic onto the drinking water and drink it to notice the change.


5. Probiotics

A popular remedy, the probiotics supplements is known for suppressing the growth of harmful organisms that help in the growth and spread of yeast infection. One of the popular probiotics that is known for its effectiveness for getting rid of yeast infections is Lactobacillus. Mostly available as oral supplements, Probiotics vaginal supposities are also becoming increasingly popular.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Application of pure apple cider vinegar can kill the yeast; hence, make a solution mixing vinegar with bathwater. While picking out vinegar for the yeast, make sure that it is natural and very less processed even though use of plain white vinegar is also not recommended as it feeds the yeast rather than killing it.

7. Tea Tree Oil

Dilute the oil and apply it on the vaginal area to treat yeast infection. Dilution is important because tea tree oil can be very strong and can hurt rather than treat the infected area.

Tea Tree Oil

8. Douching

In most cases, the food we eat and the alcohol we consume can allow the yeast infection to flourish; hence, douching the area is a great idea. One can either use mild vinegar or yogurt for douching.

Make sure that the solution enters the internal surface of the vagina. The entire process should not take more than ten minutes. But do not douche frequently assuming that you are benefiting from it. Routine douching can be very harmful and can lead to infection in the uterus or the ovaries. Hence, douching once a month is the best answer.


9. Baking Soda

In case you are suffering from yeast infection in your dentures then you can use baking soda and water as toothpaste instead of a commercial product from the counter. After brushing, rinse this off with warm water mixed with hydrogen peroxide. Once the infection ceases, throw away the toothbrush to avoid recurrence.

Baking Soda

10. Herbal Mixtures

One can also go herbal and gargle regularly with basil tea. To sweeten this, one can also add maple syrup. Done regularly, the yeast infecting your dentures will vanish in no time. If itching is your basic problem, then dab the area with cotton soaked in rosemary tea. Once can also opt to drink thyme tee at least twice a day.

Herbal Mixtures

11. Boric Acid

List of natural remedies for yeast infection will be incomplete without the name of the mild antiseptic substance of boric acid. This topic acid is known for its antifungal properties that help treating yeast infection. One can fetch Boric acid suppositories from any pharmacy but medical consultation is recommended if it is being used by pregnant or breastfeeding women or being applied onto the skin of children.

Boric Acid

12. Water

Usually the secret and the most powerful remedy for any illness, water can also cure yeast infections. Drinking large amount o water can reduce the spread of yeast in the skin. According to medical experts, one must drink at least eight glasses of water every day and this will dramatically reduce of the chances of getting infected with yeast and even if you already have the disease then it can filter out of your system without any possible side effects.

Drink Water

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