9 Home Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection

Home Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection or UTI is a bacterial infection and is very common though it goes unreported in many cases. Some people tend to suffer the condition in silence because they are too embarrassed or shy to report it. This is especially true of women who think that hygiene practices will be questioned if they go for the treatment of UTI.

The truth is that getting infected with UTI is not indicative of your personal hygiene. Instead it means that your body is under attack from bacteria that have grown rapidly in number because they found the environment favorable for quick multiplication. There are many ways in which you can deal with urinary tract infection at home if you don’t wish to see a doctor.

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Home Remedies for Treating Urinary Tract Infection

1. Drink Lots of Water

This is very important for treating UTI because the infection causes an imbalance in the pH level of the bladder making the urine very acidic. This acidic urine is what causes pain and burning every time you visit the loo. Drinking water helps dilute the urine thus providing relief from inflammation and burning in the bladder.

There is no substitute for water so drinking soft drinks and alcohol will not help. Besides, soft drinks contain sugar that will further aggravate the condition. Also, alcohol should be avoided since it has been fermented. The yeast present in alcohol will only help the bacteria multiply further.

Drink Lots of Water

2. Drink Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is known for its highly alkaline properties. This is useful in maintaining the correct pH balance in the bladder. When the pH balance is maintained the bacteria find it difficult to grow. Drink only pure cranberry juice and not the one that is available commercially.

The commercially available juice contains sugar and other preservatives that will only harm you further. Take at least 5-6 glasses of cranberry juice every day for four days to eliminate the infection causing bacteria completely.

Drink Cranberry Juice

3. Take Care of Your Diet

A healthy diet is very important for maintaining a strong immune system. When the immune system remains strong, it is better able to handle the infection causing bacteria.Eat lots of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits to boost immunity. Also, eat plenty of raw garlic every day as its anti-bacterial properties will help in faster removal of bacteria. Do not eat foods containing sugar, yeast, white flour and preservatives as these are only going to add to your woes.

Take Care of Your Diet

4. Use Coconut Oil

The main symptoms of urinary tract infection are burning and pain in the urethra especially when passing urine. To take care of these apply coconut oil in and around the skin of bladder. Coconut oil will help bring down the inflammation and redness associated with the infection. You will also feel less pain and burning while urinating. Some people also prefer preparing their food in coconut oil during UTI. Massage coconut oil at least thrice a day to fasten the process of healing.

Use Coconut Oil

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5. Apply Yogurt

Yogurt contains live and active cultures of bacteria that are very useful in treating urinary tract infection. In fact, yogurt is the only fermented food that can be had during attack of UTI. You can either eat yogurt or apply it on the affected area or do both.

Eat at least 3-5 bowls of yogurt every day. Eat only plain yogurt. Apply plain yogurt to the affected area to get rid of the infection as well as the bacteria that cause the infection. Yogurt is also useful in treating the inflammation and burning that happens as a result of the infection.

Apply Yogurt

6. Baking Soda

Drinking solution of baking soda powder is very effective in the treatment of urinary tract infection. Baking soda has both acidic as well as alkaline properties. The alkaline properties take care of the increased levels of acid in the bladder while the acidic properties of baking soda help in the elimination of infection causing bacteria.

Prepare baking soda solution by mixing one and a half teaspoons of baking soda powder in 200ml of warm water. Drink this water in one go. You must have at least four glasses of baking soda solution every day for four days to treat the infection successfully.

Baking Soda

7. Keep Yourself Dry

Bacteria find it easier to rapidly multiply in moist environment. Therefore, it becomes important to keep yourself dry at all times. Change your underwear thrice a day if you tend to sweat a lot. Sprinkle corn starch powder in your underwear so that the powder can absorb the extra moisture from your skin and keep it clean and dry.

After bathing dry yourself completely using a cotton towel. You can also use a hair dryer for keeping the region dry. Use the ‘cool’ setting of the dryer for drying yourself out. Women should change their panty liners after every couple of hours to remain dry and infection free.

Keep Yourself Dry

8. Avoid Sex

Penetrative sex can be very painful when you are suffering from urinary tract infection. One tends to feel extreme burning sensation down there when penetration is attempted. Therefore, it is best not to indulge in sexual activities. Besides, UTI is mainly transferred from one person to another via sexual contact.

Avoid Sex

9. Take Sitz Bath

Sitz bath is very effective in bringing down the inflammation and pain felt during urinary tract infection. Fill a bath tub with warm water and add a cup of Epsom salt to the water (you can also use two cups of apple cider vinegar instead) and mix well. Now remain in this water for 20 minutes. Open your legs and place your feet over the edge of the bath tub. Taking sitz bath twice a day will help deal with the burning and pain in the urethra.

Take Sitz Bath

Urinary tract infection usually disappears 5- days after start of treatment. Many people do not tend to get any kind of treatment for the infection and the infection goes away on its own after some time. But untreated infection tends to return frequently because the infection causing bacteria always linger around in the region waiting for the right opportunity to start multiplying.

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