12 Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, if not treated in time can end up being quite painful. These are basically ‘pile’ like formations in the anus and lower rectum area which can make passing of stool quite painful. People suffering from hemorrhoids seek internal hemorrhoids treatment to get rid of the inflammations, pains, swollen anal that come with this disease. Most hemorrhoids are caused by natural aging process, constipation, during pregnancies and in acute cases of diarrhea. The treatment of hemorrhoids at home includes a variety of procedures that one could choose from.

Though there are many painless treatment procedures available today like surgical removal, rectal medications, use of stool softeners and over the counter medications, nothing works like home remedies for a safer cure. However it is best to consult your physician before opting for a particular mode of treatment.

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It should be remembered that these home remedies are suggested for hemorrhoids, which is at an early stage. If you feel that your condition is not improving even after applying or trying these out, it is best to consult a doctor. But in most cases, one can experience the difference from these treatments within a couple of weeks.

Home Remedies for Treating Hemorrhoids

1. Sitz Bath

Basically sitz bath is nothing but a warm bath where you can soak your hips and buttocks. This helps to get rid of some of the most common hemorrhoid symptoms like irritating, spasm, itching and even pain in the muscles. There are a lot or pharmacies around that sell plastic tubs of small sizes.

These tend to fit easily over the toilet seat or even the usual bathtub. This way you can sit a few inches above the water and soak the areas that are infected the most. However, be sure to be gentle and avoid using very warm water. When drying the area, rub gently. A low heat hair dryer can be used to make the area dry.

Sitz Bath

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one plant, which helps relieve pain in the condition of hemorrhoids. It has medicinal value which has been accredited by the pharmaceutical and the medicine sector. The pulp of the plant helps to sooth the pain of hemorrhoid.

An alternative natural remedy is the use of pine bark and grape seed. The anthocyanins and the proanthocyanis in the grape seed and the pine barks help a person suffering from hemorrhoid by reducing the swelling. Natural solutions are always better as their effect is long lasting.

Aloe Vera

3. Lady’s Mantle

Yarrow also known as Lady’s Mantle should be brewed. Make a gentle tea using the product and then apply it to the infected area using a cotton ball. This should be done several times a day so that you can heal faster.

Lady's Mantle

4. Application Of Witch Hazel

Use a sterile cotton pad or cotton to apply Witch hazel on the hemorrhoid. This helps to shrink the veins that are swollen. Do the same at least thrice a day.

Witch Hazel

5. Buck Thorn Bark

Buck thorn bark can be consumed in the form of tea. It is a viable treatment that ensures faster healing. If not available locally, you can have it in dried or capsule form too.

Buck Thorn Bark

6. Apply Ice

Keep applying ice on the inflamed area. This helps to reduce inflammation and helps in faster healing. If ice packs are too cold for your temperament or are unavailable due to some reason, try using cold towels or cotton compresses. Just make sure that both are clean and washed properly.

Apply Ice

7. Cornstarch or Baby Talcum

Applying cornstarch on the area also helps to absorb moisture. You can also substitute the same with baby powder.

Baby Talcum

8. Coconut Oil

It is suggested that your rub some coconut oil on the area. The soothing properties of coconut oil are known to heal the burning in the area. It also prevents itching. You can opt for extra virgin coconut oil.

Coconut Oil

9. Turnip Juice

The leaves of the turnips have been known for centuries to treat hemorrhoids. The remedy is simple and easy to make at home. You have to take the juice of turnips, about 150 ml. The juice can be taken out through the juice or squeezed using a muslin cloth.

Turnip Juice

10. Figs

Consumption of figs is also suggested here. After washing you have to soak them in water overnight. This helps to bring out the internal juices of the fruit and ensure that you get the best benefits from it. After soaking, you have to take these figs with its soluble water in the morning. The water is equally good for you. Doing this consistently over a period of at least 3-4 weeks helps.


11. Consume A Fiber Rich Diet

Have foods that are rich in fiber. Basically, roughage is what you need and this is available through fresh fruits and vegetables. Due to constipation, the hemorrhoids tend to get worse with time. Opting for this healthy and roughage based diet ensures smooth bowel movement, thus preventing further stress on the area.

Fiber Rich Diet

12. Other Simple Home Remedies

Make a paste of black cumin seeds, which has been grounded already. You can add some regular cumin seed powder to it also. Add a teaspoon of this powder to water and have on an empty stomach.

Make a paste of one grated onion along with two tablespoons of honey. This should be consumed at least twice a day. A fistful of sesame seeds can be boiled in half a liter of water. Keep boiling till it is reduced to almost 1/3rd. Then make a paste of this and add a spoon of butter to the paste. Have this once a day. Boil rice-kanji, which is also called as riee-kanji, or having a decotaton of the touch-me-not stems or the Mimosa pudika.


There are different kinds of treatments available for hemorrhoids or piles. However, the ones that you can use at home are not only safe, but they are a natural procedure to get rid of this menace. A lot of ingredients, which we get at home are curative measures to get rid of hemorrhoids. With these simple and easy to implement home remedies, you can definitely cure the problem of recurring hemorrhoids for a healthier life, the natural way!

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