9 Best Home Remedies For Athletes Foot

Home Remedies For Athletes Foot

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that affects the feet. Athlete’s foot is caused by the trocophyton fungus. The main symptom of this fungal infection is redness and itching in the feet. There can be cracking and scaling in the feet. The fungal infection can also occur in the scalp, which becomes scaly and leads to hair loss. The infection can occur in the rest of body, which leads to formation of red, scaly and itchy patches. When the infection occurs in the groin, it makes the skin itchy and thick. Athletes foot attacks more men in comparison to women, as men have the habit of wearing airtight shoes, which is an ideal environment in which the fungus can grow in dark and moist places. Some home remedies can help in curing athlete’s foot. The following home remedies for athlete’s foot have been found to be very useful.

Home Remedies For Athletes Foot

1. Dry The Shoes

If you want to prevent and treat athlete’s foot, you should keep the feet dry. Wash the feet with soap and then dry it. You should dry the feet in the area situated between the toes. You can dry the feet with towel or a hair dryer. If you have athletes foot, it means that your shoes have fungus. The fungus can attack your skin when you wear shoes. You should apply an anti fungal spray on the shoes when you remove them. You can also apply an anti fungal powder. This helps in preventing further infection. Dry the shoes in sun in a place that has good ventilation so that the shoes are exposed to air and become dry. Remove the laces from the shoes when you dry them. Exposure to sunlight and air will make the shoes dry and it will kill and eliminate the fungus.

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Dry The Shoes

2. Wear Proper Socks

Wear cotton and woolen socks, which help in absorbing perspiration. You can wear acrylic socks also as these socks wick away the moisture, thus keeping the feet dry. The socks should be clean. If you have excess sweating or you are take part in sports, you should changes socks and wear a different pair 2-3 times daily.

3. Use Anti Fungal Products

Apply an anti fungal product on the feet. These products are available in the form of creams and solutions. You can buy these products over the counter. Creams are very effective in curing the fungal infection. Powders help in absorbing moisture in the feet. Wash the feet, dry it properly and then apply the antifungal product. Use the anti fungal medicine for 3-6 weeks. You should use the medicine one time daily even when the infection has been cured. You can also use it once a week.

Use Anti Fungal Products

4. Betadine Soak

If there is redness and cracking in the feet in the area situated between the toes, it is a sign of bacterial infection. You should soak the feet in betadine solution. Mix betadine in warm water and soak the feet in this solution for twenty minutes. Then dry the feet properly and rub anti fungal medicine on the feet. Pregnant women should not do this remedy.

Betadine Soak

5. Baking Soda and Cornstarch

If there is moisture on the shoes, you can rub baking soda on them. Baking soda helps in curing itching and burning in the toes and feet. Add water to baking soda so that you get a paste. Apply the paste on the feet and after some time, rinse the feet with water and dry it properly. After applying baking soda, apply cornstarch on the feet. Brown the cornstarch lightly before applying it, as it helps in eliminating moisture from it due to which it is absorbed in the skin in a better way.

Baking Soda

6. Foot Soak 

Foot soaks are a very good remedy for athletes foot. Soaking the feet in salty water can help in curing athletes foot. Add salt to warm water. Dip the feet in this water for ten minutes. Repeat this remedy many times in a day till the feet is healed properly. You can also soak the feet in Tea water. Steep tea bags in boiling water. Do it for 5 minutes. Cool the tea so that it is slightly lukewarm.

Dip the feet in this liquid and let it soak for half an hour. The tannic acid present in tea acts like an astringent and helps in drying the sweat present in the feet, thus curing the problem of athletes foot. Mustard helps in killing fungus. You can add mustard oil and mustard powder while soaking the feet in salty water and tea.

Foot Soak

7. Garlic and Cinnamon 

Make a paste by mixing crushed garlic with olive oil. Apply this paste on the nails. Keep it for fifteen minutes and then wash off with warm water and soap. You can also apply garlic juice on the feet two times daily. Garlic has anti fungal properties can help in treating athletes foot. You should include garlic in your diet. Cinnamon can help in curing athlete’s foot. Soak the feet in cinnamon tea. You can make cinnamon tea by boiling cinnamon stick in water. Let the tea simmer for some time and then steep it for forty-five minutes.

Garlic and Cinnamon

8. Yogurt, Lemon Juice and Vinegar

If you have athletes foot, you should eat yogurt. Yogurt contains bacteria, which helps in fighting and eliminating fungus. You can apply yogurt on the affected parts of the feet. When it is dry, wash the feet well with water. You can use lemon for curing athlete’s foot. Mix lemon juice with water and use this solution for rinsing the feet. You can also mix vinegar with water and soak feet in this solution. You can also apply the vinegar solution on the feet with the help of cotton dipped in the solution.


9. Change The Shoes

Change shoes on alternate days, treat them with anti fungal product, and wear another pair of shoes. If you get sweat on the shoes, you can change shoes and wear a different shoe many times in a day. Wear canvas or leather shoes as these shoes allow air to pass through them. You should remain barefoot by removing the shoes whenever you get a chance. You should try to wear open toed shoes. If you go to office, you can remove the shoes at break. Try to open the shoes when you are at the desk. If you have to stay indoors, you must open the shoes and remain barefoot.

Change The Shoes

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