5 Herbal Remedies To Treat Fibroid Tumors

Generally tumors can be of different types including cancerous and non-cancerous. Often non-cancerous tumors can be treated easily but the cancerous tumors may require critical treatment which may not be helpful sometimes. Fibroid tumors come under the category of non cancerous tumors. These are formed inside the muscular wall of the uterus. It is mostly prevalent in women who are at the menopause phase or women who are affected by other disorders. Often these fibroids do not cause any symptoms as [...]

Effective Herbal Remedies To Treat Chronic Cough

Chronic cough is a health condition where in cough persists for a long time. There are many reasons that cause chronic cough, however many times it is considered to be a condition that is associated with other diseases. The symptoms of chronic cough itself could be continuous coughing which lasts for few minutes and persistent sore throat. Various health conditions that cause chronic cough are asthma, sinus, bronchitis and sometimes tumors may also be a reason.  The treatment of this disease [...]

Top 5 Herbal Remedies To Treat Myopia

Myopia is a health condition of the eye where the patient suffers from short sightedness. In this disease, the light that comes in does not fall on the retina but it falls below the retina. As a result, the image or the light one sees seems like it is out of focus. A symptom of this condition is difficulty in looking at things that are far away but being able to see them perfectly when they are at close premises. One [...]

Herbs To Treat Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis which commonly affects the joints in the body. It is also known to degenerate the joints which is caused due to age, injury or obesity. The other parts that are also affected by this condition are articular cartilage and subcondral bone. The most common reason why this is seen in people is hereditary and aging. But these days lack of exercise and continuous still position causes arthritis too. The symptoms associated with osteoarthritis are [...]

Ways To Treat Dry Eyes Using Herbs

Dry Eyes is considered to be a syndrome that is very common and it is often associated with tearing of the middle layer of the eye that seems like a thin film. This film is responsible for generating a mucus over the layers in order to keep the eyes moist and avoid inflammation. This condition arises when there is a lot of strain on the eyes as well as mental stress. This middle layer is also called as the aqueous [...]

Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Eczema

Eczema is a severe skin rash that is often associated with redness, itching and soreness. It is considered to be a chronic skin disease and if not treated properly may lead to many other health conditions causing discomfort to the patient. Eczema is commonly seen in children. The area of the skin where eczema appears seems like a bump which creates inflammation. Other parts of the body or skin where it is affected with are feet, hands, knees and it appears [...]

Top Effective Natural Cures For Gum Disease

Gum diseases are on the rise these days. It is one of the most common problems that people face. It is basically due to improper tooth care. Improper brushing, too much sugary foods cause tooth decay and cavities. Plaque formation results due to the bacteria that feed on the acids and sugars in the mouth. When the plaque is not removed by flossing it leads to tartar which is very difficult to get rid off. Hence proper care has to [...]

6 Natural Treatments For Dandruff

Dandruff is a major problem that affects people most commonly. It is basically caused due to fungus. Sometimes the fungus over grows in the areas which secrete excessive oil which in turn causes dandruff and flaking. Dandruff causes itching, pimples on the skin and dead skin on the scalp. It is not a major medical condition but has to be taken care of to prevent hair loss and hair fall. There are many natural home remedies that treat dandruff. They [...]

7 Top Natural Remedies For Clogged Arteries

Arteries are blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood. The blood that flows through arteries is pure blood. Unimpeded flow of blood is a sign of proper blood circulation in the body. Blood circulation indicates proper functioning of all the organs due to the blood that reaches them. Sometimes the arteries may get clogged due to various reasons. When the arteries get clogged it causes slow blood circulation which in turn reduces the blood reaching the organs. This causes various health [...]

Top Effective Natural Cures For Candida Overgrowth

Candida is a form of yeast that generally resides in the body. But sometimes the candida cells overgrow in the intestine leading to infection. Candidiasis or thrush is a fungal infection that occurs in many. It is also called as mycosis and can be caused by any of the existing candida species. A variety of symptoms can occur leading to various health issues. Cystitis, thrush and fundal infections are skin are the most common symptoms. (more…)

Effective Natural Cures For Sinusitis

Sinusitis is a viral infection. It can be caused due to allergy, autoimmune diseases, and other infections. It is the inflammation of para nasal sinuses that is associated with frequent sneezing, cold, severe headaches, fever and pain. The sinuses which are air filled spaces free of germs usually gets blocked during sinus infection. Nasal passages get stuffy and congested and cause difficulty in breathing. Cold is one of the common triggers of sinusitis though bacterial, viral and fungal infections also [...]

7 Effective Natural Treatments For Blepharitis

Blepharitis is the inflammation of the eye. It is a chronic inflammation of the eyelid caused by staphylococcal infections and head lice. Pink eye and stye are also caused due to this. The upper eyelids become swollen and reddish. The lower eyelids are coated with oily particles and bacteria at the base. The oil glands of the eyes will be unable to secrete oil properly as a result of which the eyes lose their moisture. Eyes turn dry and appear [...]

6 Natural Treatments For Toe Fungus

Toe fungus is clinically known as onchomycosis. This medical condition effects the toe nails or finger nails. It initially appears as a white or yellow spot underneath the nail. The fungus starts growing from deep within. It proliferates and effects the toe area and the nails as the fungus usually thrives on the dead cells in the body. The major symptoms associated with onchomycosis is that the toe nails get discoloured, they turn yellowish, awful or foul odour is [...]

Best Natural Cures For Tinnitus

Tinnitus is the ringing of the ears. It is a physical condition that causes roaring sound in the ears. Constant buzzing in the ears is very disturbing and annoying. Sometimes tinnitus is caused due to infection in the middle ear as a result of which pus gets accumulated and is blocked causing the sounds. Mostly tinnitus is not a big medical condition but sometimes it indicates other serious underlying problems hence has to be checked. Though it is not a [...]

6 Natural Remedies For Molluscum Contagiosum

Molluscum contagiousm is a skin infection that is caused by virus. The mucus membranes are usually affected. It causes bumps on the skin also called as water wart. The infection is characterised by blisters, rashes and skin irritation caused by a family of pox virus. It is highly contagious and spreads immediately but the rash goes away rather soon over time. The outbreak of the lesions can spread from one place to the other on the skin. It occurs in [...]

Top Effective Natural Cures For Inflammation

Inflammation is basically a natural biological process that occurs in the body as a part of the immune response. The inflammation is a process which is catalysed by various enzymes and cytokines that form a regulatory cycle in response to cell damage, pathogens and other unwanted reactions in the body. Inflammation is a way the body presents itself to protect against the harmful stimuli. It is a localised reaction, but sometimes, inflammation can be generalised which can be due to [...]

Remedies For Hair Loss

6 Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Hair thinning, hair loss, damaged hair are one most common basic problems that people face today. Every one from kids to adults are suffering from hair issues. The basic factor that can contribute to hair loss are stress, pollution, diet, lifestyle changes etc.,. All these issues are unavoidable. Hence, in today's changing world, it is better to adapt to these changes and follow certain important changes that prevent hair loss. Protect the hair from pollution and exposure to harmful chemical [...]

Effective Natural Cures For Overactive Bladder

Overactive bladder is a potential medical condition that affects people world wide. It is a urinary tract infection. It is not a serious or life threatening problem but causes great discomfort. This condition involves passing of urine frequently due to the decreased capacity of urinary bladder to hold small amounts of urine. This causes build up of enzymes in the walls of the bladder that causes irritation and eventually infection. Sometimes it can lead to cancer if it's chronic and [...]

Top Natural Cures For Hypertension

Hypertension also called as high blood pressure is the force with which blood flows through the arteries while the heart pumps blood. Arterial hypertension is the pressured flow of blood through arteries and can be a chronic medical condition. Blood becomes thicker and the walls of the blood vessels are blocked due to excessive cholesterol or LDL build up. this stops the blood flow when the blockage is too high thus causing the functioning of the heart to stop. High [...]

Remedies For Endometriosis

7 Best Natural Remedies For Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a process where the lining of the uterus move out of it and start appearing outside. The ovaries, the main reproductive organs produce hormones that signal the uterus tissue to become thicker while this thickened lining of cells is scraped off and eliminated from the body along with blood. The uteral lining is called endometrium that starts flourishing outside the uterine cavity. It is caused due to the hormonal signals during mensturation. It affects women with varying symptoms [...]

6 Ways To Treat Stomach Gas

Gas is not a very serious medical condition to worry about. But, if neglected can lead to other complications which can cause great discomfort. Also known as flatulance, bloating of the stomach is one most common symptom of gas. It is very annoying as it is difficult to get rid off and takes a lot of time to subside. The bacteria in the large intestine feed on the I digested food from the small intestine. The bacteria ferments the food [...]

Treat Acid Reflux

8 Tips To Treat Acid Reflux

A valve usually separates the oesophagus and the stomach. This valve maintains the flow of the swallowed food in to the stomach efficiently. Sometimes the stomach acids rise through the valve which opens up as a result of which the acids enter the oesophagus thus causing heart burn. This causes a great discomfort. It is a very common problem and the symptoms are less obvious. Sometimes it depends on diet and lifestyle. Smoking, alcohol, excessive spicy foods can cause acid [...]

Treatments For Dizziness

11 Natural Treatments For Dizziness

Dizziness is basically defined as losing balance or the feeling of lightheadedness. Also sometimes termed as passing out, it is defined differently. It is caused due to the decreased blood supply in the brain. Dizziness can be due to various reasons. It is caused due to low blood pressure, anxiety, stress and other health related problems. Low blood pressure decreses oxygen supply to the brain and thus causes fainting.  Vertigo is also related to dizziness but is categorised based on its [...]

Effective Natural Cures For PAD

PAD, also known as arteriosclerosis obliteratans is a disease and a serious medical condition. It is referred as peripheral artery disease which is associated with damaged arteries. The blood vessels or arterial lining becomes extremely thin and rough. It can occur in any part of the body. The arteries can get clogged with cholesterol and lipids and unwanted fats. It is very complicated. (more…)

6 Best Natural Treatments For Nausea

Nausea is not a disease but one of most common symptoms of various medical conditions. Mild nausea is very ok to deal with. But sometimes nausea can be at its peak preventing the person from being balanced. It is state of uneasy feeling in the stomach. Nausea is often associated with vomitings and queasiness in the stomach. Nausea can be caused due to accumulation of gas in the stomach, constipation and indigestion which contribute secondarily. Other reasons can be motion [...]

Effective Natural Cures For Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a natural lipid that is synthesised in the body to perform various important functions. It is an important fatty substances that lines the cells. Cholesterol levels should be maintained in the body as excess of it could lead to various problems. There are two types of cholesterol in the body called the good cholesterol called HDL and the cholesterol known as LDL. Increased levels of LDL is associated with coronary heart disease whereas, HDL cholesterol helps in removing [...]

Effective Natural Cures For Frozen Shoulder

Proper alignment of bones in the shoulder is of utmost importance for flexible movement. Strenuos physical activity can cause problems and complications especially when the shoulder is involved in the process. Intense activity leads to stiffness of muscles in the shoulder that can lead to pain and inflammation. Also known as Adhesive capsulitis, it is characterised by the inflammation of the capsule that holds the ligaments of the shoulder bones.  It can be caused by diabets, shoulder injury, disc and [...]

11 Top Natural Treatments For Red Eyes

Eyes are one of the most sensitive sense organs of the body. Extra care has to be exercised in order to avoid even the smallest of the injuries to the eye as it might effect the eyesight. Red eyes is a medical condition where in the eyes become red and blood shot which can be caused due to inflammation. The conjunctiva is a lining of the white of the eye. When this conjunctiva is irritated, inflamed or injured it [...]

6 Tips To Treat Dry Eyes

Eyes are one of the most important sense organs of the body. Extreme care should be taken to protect the eyes. Tears are produced in a way to clean the eyes and lubricate them. Dry eyes is a condition where the eyes lose the capability of producing enough tears which can lead to serious complications if left untreated. Also known as keratoconjuctivitis Sicca is characterised by quick evaporation of tears. It is a most common eye condition associated with [...]

Effective Natural Cures For Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a temporary medical condition that is caused due to decreased production of saliva. Also termed as xerostomia, it is can be either chronic or less severe. Various factors contribute to the cause of this condition. Medications on high dose can dry the mouth as a result of its side effects. Prescription drugs like diuretics can be one of the reasons. Ageing is associated with reduced functioning of salivary glands thus leading to persistent dry mouth conditions. [...]